90 Day Fiance Spoilers: Colt’s Empty Hands Puts Larissa In a Funk

90 Day Fiance spoilers show Colt Johnson and Larissa Christina both have a rude awakening at the airport. Colt does not show up with gifts for his fiance. Season 6 kicked off last Sunday and this week Colt and Larissa find their expectations differ greatly, starting at the airport. So far, the fans on social media are excited to see that this 90 Day Fiance couple won’t be using a translator app on a phone to communicate.

90 Day Fiance Spoilers – Meet Colt Johnson & Larissa Christina

90 Day Fiance spoilers detail that Larissa’s English seems good. Furthermore, what she has to say is entertaining for the 90 Day Fiance fans, but maybe not for Colt Johnson. Larissa Christina first sets eyes on Colt at the airport in the next episode. This is when she spots his empty hands. Next week she gets a bit perplexed at her non-gift-bearing fiance.


90 Day Fiance spoilers reveal Larissa gets indignant when Colt didn’t come with flowers and chocolates to greet her, as seen on TLC 90 Day Fiance clips. After all, she’s traveled all the way from another country, which is what she says into the camera. A disappointed Larissa Christina shares:

 “When I saw Colt at the airport, I thought that he will bring me some things, like maybe chocolate [or] flowers to show me how much I’m important to him now that I’ve finally moved to America.”

Colt Johnson Empty Handed Not a Happy Sight for Larissa Christina

It appears Larissa isn’t going to drop the fact that she lacks a gift from Colt Johnson. He turns to her and says he’s not about to spend $20 for flowers out of an airport vending machine. He goes on about how much the parking at the airport cost him in the next episode, “The Young and Restless.”

Fans of 90 Day Fiance got a hint of things to come last week when Larissa couldn’t wrap her head around Colt’s frugal ticket-buying measures.  Larissa’s visa didn’t arrive in time for the first flight Colt booked and paid for. This prompted Colt Johnson to make new reservations for a later date.

When Larissa’s visa did come through, she wanted to hop a plane right then and there. Because of the expense involved in canceling airline tickets, Colt had made the next flight reservation two-weeks out. When she heard she had to wait that long, she wasn’t happy.

90 Day Fiance Spoilers – Colt Johnson Needs Deep Pockets

It looks like Larissa Christina already equates love with what Colt will buy her, such as the flowers and candies she felt slighted out of. The expensive booking and canceling of her flight also didn’t go the way she wanted.

Larissa didn’t consider Colt’s financial situation, only his loyalty to her. She felt slighted once again when he wouldn’t purchase flights on a constant basis just in case her visa came through.

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90 Day Fiance spoilers predict Larissa seems to have the idea that there’s an endless stream of money for someone living in America. Colt was aware of this before he paid for her plane ticket to Las Vegas, where he lives with his mother, Debra Johnson.

At 33, many might think he’s a little too old to be a mama’s boy, still, that’s what he calls himself, “a bit of a mama’s boy.” The fun starts once Colt brings another woman into his mother’s home. Debra does everything for her son, from his laundry to his cooking.

Larissa Christina Makes Herself at Home?

It’s going to be interesting to see how Larissa feels about Debra’s part in Colt’s live. Does Larissa think that since she’s his fiance, she should take over the tasks of his mother? Or… will Larissa expect Debra to do all the same things for her that she does for Colt? Or will she try and make Colt do more around the house?

The spoilers already suggest that Colt’s family thinks Larissa only used him to get into the country. So it sounds like she’s not playing the doting wife anytime soon. How will this mom and son get along now that this Brazilain beauty has taken Las Vegas by storm?

90 Day Fiance returned with their sixth season last week on TLC. Come back to Soap Dirt often for all the 90 Day Fiance spoilers and news.