’90 Day Fiance’: Asuelu Pulaa Cries as Kalani’s Sister Kolini Crashes

90 Day Fiance star Asuelu Pulaa can’t keep the tears back when he learns that Kalani Faagata’s sister is moving in. Here is what went down when he found out Kolini Faagata was dropping by with her baggage on the TLC spinoff.

90 Day Fiance: Asuelu Pulaa Is a Better Husband to Kalani Faagata Now

Asuelu Pulaa is trying his hardest to make his family work out. He wants to be the husband and father that his 90 Day Fiance wife Kalani Faagata wants from him. Now, Asuelu’s buying a house with Kalani in hopes that it will be the solution for all their troubles. Kalani says that the best way to help Asuelu is by getting him his own space.

When 90 Day Fiance fans see the couple on Happily Ever After, they are looking for a home. And Asuelu bounces on a bed in the place with their kids. Many people in Kalani’s family – including her sister Kolini Faagata – want the pair to split. That’s because they don’t think they’re good together. But, Asuelu’s trying to change that and got a job.

On 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, Asuelu Pulaa works for a rideshare company. Then, Kalani Faagata drops the bombshell on Asuelu that her sister Kolini is coming to live with them. Asuelu says he is upset. But then he says it’s because he wanted to make a nice welcome for Kolini. Then he cries, saying that he wants his wife Kalani to know he’s changing for the better.

90 Day Fiance: Asuelu Pulaa

Asuelu Has a Rocky Past with Kolini Faagata

90 Day Fiance features Kalani Faagata with her hubby Asuelu Pulaa. The pair have two children together and want to make things work despite their differences. She wants Asuelu to be a better father and provider for their children. But Kalani’s family is fast approaching the end of their patience.

Her sister Kolini says that she is already planning Kalani’s divorce party from her 90 Day Fiance hubby Asuelu. Kalani tries to understand the country and culture he came from in Samoa. But when his mom and sister asked for money, she wasn’t sure how to react. After Kalani told them they can’t afford it, it pulled her further from Asuelu.

With forces aligning against them on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, it still looks like they’re really powering through their obstacles. Now, Asuelu Pulaa has a strong love for Kalani Faagata and it seems they’re going to work through their issues and stick together, despite Kolini and others being opposed to it.

90 Day Fiance: Kolini Faagata - Asuelu Pulaa - Kalani Faagata


90 Day Fiance: A Better Life for Asuelu & Kalani

Asuelu Pulaa wants his wife to know that he is doing much better. Kalani Faagata is very surprised to see the fact he is being genuine on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After. When Kalani invites her husband out on a date to talk about her sister moving in, he doesn’t react how she expected he would.

Based on her past with her man, she thinks he’ll be upset. And he is – but not for why she thinks – as seen on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After. He’s put out because he wanted time to clean the house and get flowers as a welcome for Kolini. So, that surprises Kalani. And Asuelu tells her he just wants her to see that he’s making changes for the better.

And also, Asuelu Pulaa cries, telling Kalani Faagata that he loves her. Will the TLC lovebirds make it through all this?

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