90 Day Fiance: Asuelu Not Autistic Says Kalani’s Sister – He’s Just Sick Of Reality TV

90 Day Fiance star Kalani Faagata and sister Kolini Faagata are defending Asuelu Pulaa from mean comments saying he’s autistic. Malicious rumors sprang up about his “unusual” behavior during the Tell All. The 23-year-old Samoan shocked viewers when he snapped while Larissa Christina and Fernanda Flores bickered on the show, prompting some to believe that there could be something wrong with him mentally.

However, Kolini is not having any of it. Kalani’s ever-supportive sister quickly came to Asuelu’s defense despite their previous issues.

90 Day Fiance: Trolls Call Asuelu Pulaa Autistic

Shortly after the explosive 90 Day Fiance Tell All, many viewers voiced concerns about Asuelu Pulaa’s behavior. Apparently, people were worried when he repeatedly hit his head and shouted during a very loud confrontation between his co-stars.

Some were convinced that Asuelu has some sort of mental or personality disorder that wasn’t addressed on the show. Others even went as far as making their own diagnosis, claiming that the Samoan dude has autism.

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Ugly Comments Directed at Samoan 90 Day Fiance

One curious fan of 90 Day Fiance raised the topic on an Insta post by Kolini Faagata, saying Asuelu “shows signs of autism or some sort of delay or disorder”. Some watchers seem to think that the reality star’s behavior during the Tell All mimics that of Asperger’s Syndrome or autism.

The same fan pointed out that Asuelu “doesn’t even understand the simple things” including sending money to Kalani Faagata for baby Oliver while he was still in Samoa. She also brought up the possible dangers of leaving a child alone in his care.

Kolini Faagata Defends Asuelu Pulaa From Autistic Rumors

Surprisingly, Kolini Faagata was one of the first to defend Asuelu Pulaa. The two haven’t always had a good relationship – as witnessed by fans on 90 Day Fiance. In response to the comment, Kolini denies that her brother-in-law is autistic.

She reveals that her mom, who worked as a behaviorist for many years, can attest that Asuelu is not on the spectrum. “I’ve spent plenty of time with Asuelu to know that he’s not autistic,” she stated. Kolini claims that the stress of reality TV just took a toll on Asuelu.

She adds that people usually mistook him as an emotional wreck on 90 Day Fiance but that wasn’t the case at all. “I understand the way it looked when it seemed like he was in sensory overload — but that wasn’t at all the case,” Kolini clarified. “It was “I’m sick of f***ing taping” overload.”

Kolini Says Brother-In-Law Is “Not Slow”

The 90 Day Fiance from Samoa was also criticized for the way he speaks. Many said that Asuelu Pulaa talks relatively slow for someone his age. However, Kolini Faagata reiterates that Asuelu is not slow. She claims his brother-in-law actually speaks at a normal pace in person, both in the English and Samoan language.

“He’s not slow. The way he speaks in interviews isn’t the way you’d hear him speak in person or the way you’d hear him speak Samoan,” Kolini revealed. Avid fans of 90 Day Fiance are familiar with how protective Kolini Faagata is of her sister Kalani Faagata and nephew Oliver.

In fact, she publicly voiced out her doubts on Asuelu Pulaa’s real intentions in marrying her sister. But now she seems to be clearly #TeamAsuelu.

90 Day Fiance: Kolini Says She’s Overprotective Of Asuelu Now

Despite starting off on the wrong foot on 90 Day Fiance, Kolini Faagata proves that she can be a good sister-in-law to Asuelu. In one of her posts, she warmly welcomed Asuelu in the family after his wedding to Kalani Faagata.

She also promised Asuelu Pulaa that now he’s married to Kalani Faggata and part of the family. She says she will be “overprotective” of him too. Do you think Asuelu Pulaa is suffering from a disorder or do you believe it was reality TV filming overload? Be sure to check out Part 2 of the Tell All this Sunday on TLC.

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