’90 Day Fiance’: Ashley Martson and Jay Never Married – TLC Frauding?

90 Day Fiance’s  Ashley Martson and Jay Smith may have been frauding fans of the TLC show. They are in the midst of a lot of off-camera drama. With the pair ghosting one another online and Jay revealing they both cheated during their relationship, it’s no wonder talk of their split is everywhere. But, could their entire relationship be a hoax? Did TLC fake their relationship for 90 Day Fiance ratings?

90 Day Fiance: Ashley Martson & Jay Smith Marriage Hoax?

90 Day Fiance viewers saw that Ashley and Jay decided to skip the big marriage ceremony and elope in Las Vegas. The pair seemed adamant about going that route toward the end of Season 6. Yet there’s no marriage record of them in Sin City. Further, the “wedding ceremony” they had in Jamaica seems to be non-binding and essentially just for show.

Jay Smith’s family couldn’t make it to the United States so they had a fake ceremony in his home country. This admission came directly from Jay himself. Essentially, the festivities in Jamaica allowed Jay’s family to be there to support him. He said that that ceremony was just for 90 Day Fiance. Even if they did file papers in Jamaica, they’d need to register them in the US for the marriage to be legal and satisfy the K1 visa requirements. If the marriage ceremony in Jamaica was non-binding and there’s no record of them eloping in Las Vegas, what’s the story?

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TLC Insider Spills Tea on 90 Day Fiance Couple

According to our inside source, Sharp Entertainment was short on couples this year. The source revealed further that one of the couples on the current season is a fake. In addition, the insider revealed that Jay and Ashley broke up before filming started on Season 6 of 90 Day Fiance but Sharp Entertainment went ahead and used them anyway. You can see in the images above that a records search for Clark County (Las Vegas) shows no record of Ashley Martson or Conroy Smith (Jay’s real name) getting hitched there.

Piecing together a timeline of events, it could look something like this. Jay and Ashley had the faux wedding ceremony in Jamaica, split up due to his cheating, and decided to film anyway for the sake of attention. Couples only make $1,000-$2,000 per pair per episode. That said, several cast members have cashed in by making Cameo videos and launching GoFundMe campaigns. The prospect of appearing on 90 Day Fiance even though they’d already broken up might have been too good an opportunity to pass up.

Is There Any Truth To The TLC Frauding Claims?

While all of this is unconfirmed, it does have some merit. If true, it wouldn’t be the first time that Sharp Entertainment pulled a similar stunt. Stripper Marta Maldanado was catfished by a prankster claiming to be her Algerian love interest Daya. They were set to appear on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. Instead, Marta didn’t leave the United States. She was embroiled in legal woes, including a pending felony charge. Her love interest turned out to be Moroccan social media prankster Aboubakr Ziani. In addition, the photo of “Daya” that TLC used was of Ziani as well.

While there’s no catfishing scheme when it comes to Jay and Ashley, there’s still a level of dishonesty at play if TLC went ahead and featured them on 90 Day Fiance knowing that they’d already broken up. This potential TLC fraud coupled with the war of words and heated exchanges online paint an interesting picture. Not only that, but the pair is reportedly on the spin-off 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After – even though their love story (if there ever was one) has now hit rock bottom.

90 Day Fiance: Split Confirmed, But What Was Real?

Take into account the social media ghosting. Add to this the fact that the couple stopped doing Cameo videos together. Further, Jay Smith renting a U-Haul just as Ashley Martson returned home from the hospital thickened the plot. Jay said publicly a few days ago that they both cheated on each other during their relationship. It’s interesting that all this went down in the days leading up to the 90 Day Fiance Season 6 finale. Did they cash in? Perhaps there’s no longer a need to keep up the charade.

It’s possible that Jay Smith may not even need 90 Day Fiance or Ashley Martson to stay in the United States. Fans know that Jay’s mother lives in America. She could have brought him in on a family visa if she’s a naturalized citizen. That means all the talk about a K-1 and Ashley being responsible for him could be a long con. We’re still digging for confirmation of whether  Jay Smith and Ashley Martson ever got married but this second “wedding” might also have been just for show. Be sure to watch TLC this Sunday for the explosive Tell All.

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