’90 Day Fiance’: Ashley Returns to Empty Home – Jay Caught in U-Haul Moving Out?

90 Day Fiance viewers watched Ashley Martson and Jay Smith explode last week when she caught him meeting women online right after they got hitched in Vegas. The signs of a split are heating up. Both unfollowed each other on social media and removed all pics of them as a couple from their streams. Now Jay was spotted in a U-Haul and it looks like he’s out of there. Here’s what happened today.

90 Day Fiance: Ashley Martson Home From Hospital

90 Day Fiance fans that follow Ashley know that she’s been in the hospital dealing with medical issues related to her lupus. Ashley has been updating fans when she’s able. Her disease hit a rough patch that was so bad she wound up missing Christmas. She spent the holiday away from her two girls and in a cold hospital bed with IVs stuck in her arm!

She addressed concerned fans last month on Instagram who asked why she looked so sad and out of sorts on the TLC show. Ashley shared that she was hospitalized due to a reaction from her lupus medication.

There is some good news, however. Ashley just posted that she’s finally home from the hospital. She took to her Instagram story to let all her 90 Day Fiance fans know. She was in the ER over the Thanksgiving holiday and for Christmas too. So it’s good to see her back home and she shared pics of her cuddling with her kids. But it doesn’t look like Jay Smith was there to greet here. Here’s why…

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90 Day Fiance: Did Jay Smith Move Out Before She Got Home?

The announcement that the 90 Day Fiance couple is no longer doing cameos together was another sign that seems to confirm their split. That was after their mutual social media ghosting. This led many to believe that there’s trouble in paradise for the couple. Then given what Jay Smith posted on his Insta Story today, it seems like they are done.

Although he later took it down, yesterday Jay Smith posted a video of him driving a U-Haul. Is he driving it away from Ashley Martson’s home with all his belongings in tow? It’s a rather cryptic photo. All you see is one hand on a steering wheel – nothing more. The timeline of these events adds another layer of intrigue to the story.

What’s The Story?

Jay posted the U-Haul video less than 24 hours before Ashley posted the news that she was leaving the hospital and going home. The timing of the post (and him later deleting it) leaves more questions than answers at this point for 90 Day Fiance fans. Saying that Jay and Ashley’s relationship is complicated is an understatement. They’ve posted photos of happier times and currently seem to be non-existent as a couple.

With questions about Jay’s fidelity, there is a lot for fans to speculate on. On Christmas Eve, Ashley posted on Instagram that she was in the hospital and Jay Smith seemed to be by Ashley’s side. Since then, they dropped each other on social, he rented a U-Haul, and she seems to be home alone with her girls.

However, they have not confirmed a split. Then again, their TLC contract probably bans them from doing so while the season is still on the air. Either way, this is something worth keeping an eye on moving forward. Catch new episodes of TLC’s 90 Day Fiance Sunday nights at 8:00 pm.

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