’90 Day Fiance’ Spoilers: Jay Confirms Split with Ashley – Explains Jamaican Wedding Photos

90 Day Fiance star Jay Smith went on Instagram this morning to address the leaked wedding pictures of a lavish Jamaican wedding to Ashley Martson. The pictures were circulating weeks ahead of the Las Vegas nuptials we saw on the last episode of the hit TLC show both Jay and his wife Ashley currently appear. Rumors of the couples split have run rampant lately. From the looks of Jay’s most recent post, it seems that the rumors of their split are now confirmed.

90 Day Fiance – Jay Smith Explains Jamaican Wedding Photos

Jay Smith posted a beautiful black and white wedding picture of himself and Ashley Martson. It shows the couple in what seems like happier times. The wedding we witnessed on the last episode of 90 Day Fiance seemed liked neither Jay or Ashley was as happy as they were in the wedding in Jamaica.

Jay explains the wedding photos floating around are from a non-legal ceremony the couple had in 2017. They had that ceremony so that Jay’s Jamaican relatives could be there. None of them were able to make it to the legal wedding in the US. He says, “We didn’t get our real dream wedding in America but before I came to the US we did get a beautiful Jamaican celebration.” (see slideshow below)

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According to Jay, he and Ashley were able to get away as a couple after this ceremony. They spent ten days in Mexico celebrating – a mock honeymoon if you will. Jay closed his Instagram post with, ”  I know things aren’t good between Ashley and I but these photos are memories I never want to forget and memories I wanted to show with all of you.”


90 Day Fiance – Has Jay Ever Been Faithful To Ashley Martson?

Has 90 Day Fiance’s Jay Smith ever been faithful to his girl, Ashley Martson? Seems that he has been accused of cheating on Ashley long before she brought him to the US on a K1 Visa.  Ashley’s now former bestie, Natalie Crawford, tried to get her friend to realize Jay was unfaithful. Natalie’s pleas fell on deaf ears. Seems Ashley chose to ignore all the red flags.

Interestingly, Natalie was present at the Jamaican wedding to support her friend. Also notable is that Natalie was in Las Vegas when the couple had their legal  US wedding – perhaps a last-ditch effort to get through to Ashley? We now know that just one day after his marriage, Jay set up an account on the popular dating app Tinder. When confronted by Ashley, his response was, “I was bored”. He is very young but does his age and immaturity give him a free pass on his cheating ways?

90 Day Fiance – Ashley Has Yet To Respond

Ashley Martson has yet to respond to Jay’s apology from the other day. Both couples scrubbed their social media accounts of pictures of each other. On Christmas Eve, Ashley posted on Instagram saying she was spending Christmas in the hospital. Interestingly Jay also posted a similar Instagram post that he was at hospital apparently at Ashley’s side.

Although it appears that this couple has split it also seems that they have a complicated relationship. Jay might be working hard to regain his wife’s trust. There’s only a couple of episodes left to the current season. Hopefully, all our questions will be answered when the tell-all airs in January.

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