7 Little Johnstons: Family Canoe Trip And Unexpected Heartbreak – ‘A Tale Of Two Rivers’ Recap

7 Little Johnstons Season 5 Episode 6 shows Trent Johnston taking the family on a canoe trip in our recap. Amber Johnston, on the other hand, takes a liking to a stray cat brought home by her husband. Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Anna Johnston emotionally bid a sad farewell to River the cat after it unexpectedly passed away.

7 Little Johnstons: Trent Johnston Adopts New Family Member

The latest episode of 7 Little Johnstons sees Trent Johnston taking home a new member of the family. The father-of-five found a stray cat at work and brought it home without hesitation. The Johnstons always are happy to add to their brood.

Fans of the show are probably familiar with the family being “dog people”. In fact, the Johnstons have a dog named Jesse, which they took along with them as they moved into their new house. They also had a French bulldog named Louie, which also made the move.

But things took a different turn when they found two abandoned cats at their new house. The family instantly fell in love with their new feline pets, one of which they adorably named River.

When Trent brought home yet another stray kitten named Tommy, the kids were all thrilled. However, Amber Johnston was having second thoughts. Apparently, having another pet in the house seems to be a bit too much for them handle.

Tommy’s Ringworm Crisis

Despite Amber’s hesitation, the 7 Little Johnstons ended up adopting the cat and the little guy fits right in. Even River was excited becoming a member of the family. But all the excitement was clouded with concern when they found out that little Tommy has a fungal infection.

Amber immediately takes action to treat the disease and get rid of the contagious ringworms. After spending time showering Tommy with Elizabeth and Anna, Amber’s liking for the kitten became more evident.

7 Little Johnstons: Trent Takes Family Canoeing

7 Little Johnstons episode 6 also shows Trent Johnston planning their first ever canoe trip. While everyone seems excited, Amber Johnston is not very enthusiastic about it.

Apparently, Amber prefers to do something more extreme like scuba diving. In the end, Amber gave in and hopped on the canoe with Elizabeth, Alex, and Emma. Meanwhile, Trent took Jonah and Anna along with him.

Amber Johnston Mocks Trent’s Fear Of Tipping Off The Canoe

Despite being the one who pushed for the canoe trip, Trent Johnston seems to have a fear of tipping over the water. The 7 Little Johnstons star made it very clear to the family that there is no way he would soak himself in the river. In fact, he even insists on pulling over to the shore just to switch places with Anna.

Interestingly, Trent brags about his “merit badge” in canoeing but Amber Johnston is not having any of it. She questions how he got the badge when he doesn’t even want to get wet and is scared of tipping off the canoe.

7 Little Johnstons: Family Faces An Unexpected Heartbreak

After a fun day canoeing, the Johnstons experienced an unexpected tragedy. One of their cats, River, suddenly fell ill. Elizabeth Johnston discovered River’s poor state in the garage. Upon seeing the cat, she instantly knew that something was wrong.

River was sprawled on the floor and appeared to be hurt. Upon further inspection, Elizabeth saw the cat’s leg bone sticking out. Since nobody saw what really caused the injury, the family jumped into the conclusion that the cat was hit by something.

Amber, Elizabeth, Anna, and Emma took little River to the vet to treat her injury. What they thought was a simple broken leg turned out into something more serious. Aside from a broken femur, River’s heart is growing bigger.

Unfortunately, the cat’s heart gave out before the doctor could get started with the surgery. The Johnstons went home with River’s body in a box so they could bury her properly.

The 7 Little Johnstons Say Goodbye To River

7 Little Johnstons episode 6 proves to be a tearjerker when the family bids goodbye to River. Following the cat’s death, the Johnstons held a pet funeral in their backyard. The family chose an ideal resting place for their cat and started digging.

Elizabeth even painted a river rock with River’s name on it, which serves as the kitty’s headstone. After reminiscing their unforgettable moments with River, the Johnstons bid farewell and bury their beloved cat.

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