‘7 Little Johnstons’: Trent Johnston Denies Marital Issues – Amber Johnston Tired Of Mistreatment

7 Little Johnstons spoilers reveal that Trent Johnston denies any marital issues. While Amber Johnston is tired of being mistreated. Trent and Amber have faced many issues growing up. Most of them involve dealing with health issues that come with being a little person. However, now they are dealing with issues relating to their emotions and relationships. Trent believes that there is nothing wrong between Amber and himself. However, Amber feels like she is being pushed aside. Is there trouble in paradise?

7 Little Johnstons Spoilers: – Trent Johnston Oblivious To Wife’s Feelings

Trent Johnston would do anything for his 7 Little Johnstons family. He is always focusing on the needs of his children. Trent is always there to offer advice and guidance when they need it. He always has his children’s best interest in mind. Even if that means implementing rules that his children don’t agree on. Despite being a great father, his relationship with his wife could be suffering.

7 Little Johnstons spoilers indicate that Trent Johnston doesn’t believe that there are any problems with the family dynamics. He tells Amber that “between you and I there are no problems.” Amber seems to think otherwise. She responds with “we’ve been married for 20 years, we have five children, there’s issues.” Is Trent in denial?

Amber Johnston Feels Pushed Aside

Amber Johnston is primarily a stay at home mom on Little Johnstons. She is always taking care of her children the moment they wake up in the morning until the moment they go to bed at night. However, always having to take care of others can take a toll on someone. Sometimes you wish that someone would take care of you for once.

7 Little Johnstons spoilers show that Amber Johnston is not happy with the treatment she receives. She states that she “is sick and tired of being pushed aside.” Amber may not be getting the attention she wants from her husband. She could be feeling ignored. Whatever the reason may be, Amber is definitely not hiding how she is feeling.

7 Little Johnstons Couple Go Through Rough Spot

Amber and Trent Johnston have been married for 20 years. Within those years the couple welcomed five children. With a mixture of biological and adopted children, the couple have their hands full raising teenagers. Balancing taking care of five children and a relationship with your spouse can be difficult. Children and marriage require a lot of attention.

On social media, the Johnstons reveal that this episode the family talk about their struggles “in this thing called life.” However, the post also mentions that they decide how they want to deal with this challenging time. The Johnstons always work through any challenges they face.

7 Little Johnstons spoilers state that Amber Johnston and her husband Trent Johnston “are going through a rough patch right now.” However, Trent doesn’t think there are any issues. On the other hand, Amber insists there are issues. Will Trent and Amber make it through this rough patch?

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