7 Little Johnstons: Amber And Trent’s Black Mold Crisis And Teen Heartbreak – Mo’ House, Mo’ Problems Recap

7 Little Johnstons season 5 episode 1 shows Amber Johnston and husband Trent Johnston with their five children officially settled into their new home. However, everyone was taken aback as soon as they discovered the real state of the house. Check out what happened in this recap of Mo’ House Mo’ Problems on TLC.

It can be recalled that the couple sold their old house sooner than they expected, which forced them to stay in a hotel for weeks. After a thorough house hunting, Amber and Trent Johnston finally found what they initially thought was their dream house.

7 Little Johnstons Season 5 Episode 1: Moving In

7 Little Johnstons reveals that the little family officially moves into their new home. Amber Johnston and Trent Johnston and children Jonah, Elizabeth, Anna, Alex, and Emma, could not contain their excitement as soon as they set foot on the property.

Amber Johnston and her family eagerly explored the house and their designated rooms. The couple has a separate bedroom from their kids. Jonah, Elizabeth, and Alex also get their own rooms, while Anna and Emma opt to share.

Unfortunately, the movers were not able to deliver their furniture and other stuff to the new house, forcing them to wait until the next day to unpack everything.

Anna Johnston’s Naughty Side

7 Little Johnstons episode showcases the naughty side of Anna Johnston. Throughout the episode, the 18-year-old Russian born did not hold back in revealing her playful personality. During the family’s bonding time by the fire pit, Trent Johnston came up with the idea of pranking Anna.

After roasting some marshmallows for dessert, he asked his teenage daughter to go back inside and get some bottled water. He then told the rest of the family to hide behind the bushes and scare her. When Anna returned, the whole family jumped out of the bushes and screamed, leaving her hilariously terrified.

After a fun time together, the family headed inside to call it a night. Amber Johnston and Trent decided to sleep in their still unfurnished bedroom, while the kids chose to sleep in their sleeping bags in the living room. However, just when they thought they could finally catch some sleep, Anna unleashed her naughty side again and kept her siblings up.

The little Johnstons, now annoyed and sleepy, decided that it’s best to just sleep with their parents in the other room. Anna was left alone in the living room, still as lively as ever.

Elizabeth Johnston And James Burdette Call It Quits

The 7 Little Johnstons recap shows Elizabeth Johnston’s very first heartbreak. The 16-year-old reality star opens up about the split and how she copes with it. In the segment, Elizabeth reveals James was the one who pulled the plug in their relationship. Apparently, he needed space and time to focus on himself, but Elizabeth wasn’t having any of that.

“A couple weeks ago I received a text from James saying he would like to end… basically, us ending. This was due to his decision.” Elizabeth tearfully shares. The 7 Little Johnstons star also admits that she and James have been dating for two years, but her parents thought they only dated for four months. Elizabeth did not hold back in expressing pain brought by the split.

In fact, she was so angry at one point that she bombarded James with text messages asking for an explanation. Amber and Trent Johnston had to take Elizabeth’s phone for a week to calm things down. To cope with the heartbreak, Elizabeth Johnston is spending more time working on her art.

While it’s true that painting keeps her busy most of the day, she still couldn’t hide her sadness and suspicions about the split. Apparently, she suspected that James is seeing another girl. This is after he shared photos of himself with another girl shortly after their breakup.

Amber Johnston & Trent Johnston Deal With Black Mold

Meanwhile, the movers finally arrived with the Johnstons’ furniture and belongings. The family eagerly unpacks and furnishes the house with their own stuff. While Amber Johnston and the kids are busy unpacking boxes, Trent Johnston inspects a leak in the ceiling, which goes straight to a built-in bookshelf.

Upon further inspection, Trent discovered an old washcloth stuck in between the walls of the bookshelf. Suspicious, he decided to tear down the entire bookshelf with the help of his family. As soon as the massive bookshelf was taken down, everyone was flabbergasted with what they discovered. The entire backside of the bookshelf and the wall were it was installed were literally covered in black mold.

The condition was so severe and hazardous that the producer was forced to evacuate the Johnstons out of the house. Now, Amber and Trent Johnston are contemplating whether they stay in the house while it’s being resolved or go back to the hotel. Will the Johnstons be able to handle this black mold dilemma? Is their dream house going to be a house of nightmares?

Find out on 7 Little Johnstons next week on TLC.

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