‘1000-lb Sisters’: Season 2 Airdate Confirmed

1000-lb Sisters is a reality TV show that documents the weight loss journey of sisters Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton. Recently, it’s been confirmed that there will be a second season of this hit show airing soon. The second season of 1000-lb Sisters is going live in January 2021.

1000-lb Sisters: Two Sisters & Their Journey to Better Health

1000-lb Sisters features two sisters who collectively weigh over 1,000 pounds. At the beginning of the series, Tammy Slaton weighed 605 pounds. Also, Amy Slaton weighed over 400 pounds.

During the filming of 1000-lb Sisters, each sister said why they wanted gastric bypass surgery. Amy Slaton looked to her life-long goal of becoming a mother. She wanted to get pregnant with her new husband, Michael Halterman.

1000 Pound Sisters: Tammy Slaton

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy & Amy’s Health Goals

After Amy saw her OB/GYN, that prompted her to lose weight. Her doctor said her ovaries aren’t working properly because of her excess body fat. Amy Slaton’s goal was to lose 100 pounds.

Tammy Slaton wanted to lose weight so that she could live independently. While recording 1000-lb Sisters, these two sisters were living together. In the first few episodes of season one, Tammy didn’t have the confidence in herself to even go shopping without help from Amy.

At the end of season one of this TLC hit show, Tammy has only lost 50 pounds. However, she’s now living by herself. Granted, she’s still living right next door to her sister and brother-in-law. Now, Tammy Slaton shares that she’s feeling confident after her fat loss.

1000 Pound Sisters: Amy Slaton

More Weight Loss for Season Two

At the end of the first set of episodes for 1000-lb Sisters, both sisters revealed how they lost weight. They tried to cut extra sugar from their diets. Also, both Amy and Tammy found ways to become more active.

Amy Slaton enjoys dancing, while Tammy Slaton enjoys going swimming. In season one, they faced many struggles as they tried to lose fat. Not only were they unaware of how dangerous their diets were, but they also struggled with breaking their food addiction.

Plus, the sisters shared how they’re upset with each other. Tammy Slaton said she felt jealous of Amy’s relationship with Michael. She also wanted a relationship. More often than not, Tammy spoke down to Amy and felt like her sister didn’t understand the difficulty she was facing. Amy talked about how she felt like Tammy slowed down her progress.

Whether there will be peace between these two sisters or more conflict during their health journey on 1000-lb Sisters is unclear. However, season two will hopefully bring updates of success for these two sisters.

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