‘1000-lb Sisters’: Gage Halterman Gets Cut Up

1000-lb Sisters newest star Gage Halterman is quickly climbing to the main character in his mom’s show. He is doing baby things, and fans love it, but now it’s resulted in injury.

1000-lb Sisters: Gage Halterman – Instant Star

1000-lb Sisters personality Gage Halterman is a very busy four-month-old. Gage has done a lot and has even gained a very large following of fans. His parents Michael Halterman, and Amy Slaton, announced to the world in 2020 that they were pregnant, and that’s when the love started to flow in. It’s plain to see that these parents have a ton of support.

Now that Gage has survived his mother’s high-risk pregnancy, he has to survive being a baby. And his fans need to survive his cuteness. So far, he has only been shown on the show for two episodes, but Amy delivers with the baby content. She makes sure fans get their fill through videos and pictures online.

1000-lb Sisters: Gage Slaton

TLC Baby Is On Board

1000-lb Sisters infant Gage Halterman is the one person that fans can be certain will be in season three. This, of course, comes from rumors that his aunt Tammy Slaton was fired or cut from the show. Of course, Tammy herself says that she will be in the show. And his uncle Chris Combs says filming has already started.

This means fans get to see so much more of baby Gage. Perhaps cameras will catch his first steps and word. Until then, Amy Slaton will continue posting videos and pics of her sweet newborn. Gage even shows off a personality. He sports dark-colored onesies and skull pacifiers. And with his birthday so close to his mom’s favorite holiday, Halloween fans know they’ll get some creepy yet adorable costume pictures.

1000-lb Sisters: Gage Slaton

1000-lb Sisters: Gage Halterman Costume Suggestion

Gage Halterman from 1000-lb Sisters may have already found his costume for next year. With a scratch on his nose from his sharp baby fingernails, maybe he should be Edward Scissorhands. Amy Slaton showed off a cute pic of Gage where he had a cut on his nose. Many fans were quick to ask Amy what happened.

She explains that he scratched his nose and she cut his fingernails after. She says that she loves waking up to his face—fans chip in saying how they remember how their little ones were the same way. Fans support the mother and let her know she is doing great. Gage is growing up quickly and has even been practicing with a spoon. It’s just his formula with rice, but it shows there is much to come with milestones.

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