‘1000-lb Sisters’: Baby Gage Halterman Shows Off Spoon Skills

1000-lb Sisters newborn Gage Halterman is getting some attention with a skill most 4 month old’s don’t get to start practicing yet. But Amy Slaton is helping her son get a leg up.

1000-lb Sisters: Gage Halterman – Baby of the Hour

1000-lb Sisters star Gage Halterman is the cutest member of the show, according to most fans. With a smile that lights up the screen, fans can not get enough of this little guy. Gage was born in November of 2020, and fans did not find out until early March. When his parents, Amy Slaton and Michael Halterman, announced that they had a baby, fans jumped for joy.

The first episode of season two came along with the official announcement of Amy’s pregnancy. Amy is on a weight loss journey so she can start a family. But with her weight being so high even after losing over 100 pounds, she was still considered high risk. But she pushed through the pressure of not being sure if this could last and planned for when the baby came. And even though the delivery was a bit rough, he is now healthy and happy.

1000-lb Sisters: Gage Slaton

He Looks Just Like His Dad, Michael Halterman

1000-lb Sisters personality Gage Halterman hears pretty much the same thing from everyone. “You look just like your daddy.” Many fans and family point out the similarity the two have. Michael Halterman is a quiet exterior guy but proves he will go to lengths for his family. Michael’s quiet exterior almost shattered when he found out his wife was pregnant.

Many fans point out that Gage is a very well-behaved and quiet baby, but his smile will melt your heart. Perhaps he also got that from his dad. Many fans of 1000 Pound Sisters have gone out of their way to see the family, which has caused his mom, Amy Slaton, to speak out. To protect her baby, she tells people to keep their distance. The best way to see Gage is online through the pictures she posts.

1000-lb Sisters: Gage Slaton

1000-lb Sisters: Gage Halterman & A Spoon

Gage Halterman from 1000-lb Sisters is seen on his mommy’s social media being a big boy with a spoon. Gage showed off just how well he can eat with it. Some fans point out that it seems to be a little early for Gage to be eating solids. Amy Slaton says a doctor actually recommended it. He is eating a mix of rice and his formula.

Now the fans can send love the family’s way. But to follow Amy’s word and do it from a distance. Fans send her encouraging words about being a great mom.

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