‘1000-lb Sisters’: Amy Slaton’s Baby Found Near Trash Can

1000-lb Sisters star Amy Slaton has finally given birth to baby Gage Slaton. But fans see something completely not okay and are freaking about it.

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton is a Mommy

1000-lb Sisters personality Amy Slaton is someone whose goal in life is to have a baby. Since she was about 400 pounds conceiving one was hard. So in 2020, she decided to go on a weight loss journey with her sister Tammy Slaton. Tammy starts at 600 pounds, so her motivation for losing is that she could die if she even gets a cold. Amy says her reason is to start a family.

Amy ends up getting weight loss surgery and only four months later becomes pregnant. Her health care professional, Dr. Charles Proctor, tells her having a baby and having a body that is not fully healed is a bad mix. This is a potentially deadly situation and a very high-risk pregnancy. Amy decides to risk her life to start her family and just recently gave birth to her baby boy, Gage Slaton.

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton - Gage Slaton

Her History with Pets

1000-lb Sisters co-sister Amy Slaton has a tiny dog named, Little bit. He follows the girls almost everywhere they go. While it seems like Amy and her husband, Michael Halterman, are the perfect pet parents, they have a dark history with pets. Amy says on a video that she and Michael got a dog from the pound. After a few months of having it, it sliced Amy’s arm wide open. Unfortunately, the dog was put down.

Amy Slaton doesn’t have her experience with animals end there. She also admits that when it was Tammy Slaton’s birthday, they decided to all go out and have fun. They brought Little Bit with them, and when they couldn’t bring the poor pooch any further, they left him in the car on what was said to be a hot day. Fans were shocked and said they felt like she put the tiny dog’s life in danger to have fun.

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton - Gage Slaton

1000-lb Sister: Fans Accuse Amy Slaton – Babygate

Amy Slaton from 1000-lb Sisters is back on trial by fans. This time it’s for baby Gage Slaton. Some pictures she posted on social media raise some eyebrows. Amy had to hold off until the episode aired of her giving birth to announce that Gage has been born. Now that that has happened, she is flooding her pages with pictures of him.

Some pictures show the state of the house she is taking care of her baby in and fans commented that it’s very messy.

Fans also pointed out how much of the trash is overflowing in the trash can.

Many of the comments revolved around how the baby is beside a bag of trash and an overflowing trash can. One fan even says that it’s not that it’s a little messy; it’s unsanitary. Bags of trash litter the home. Many wonder how she plans to take care of a baby in such a mess. Some fans tell her to clean her home.

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