‘1000-lb Sisters’ Spoiler: Amy Slaton Rolls Around in a Toga with her Husband

1000-lb Sisters fan favorite Amy Slaton got wild in a toga with her husband. But why? It’s all about making memories for her unborn son – as she and Michael Halterman indulge in a themed maternity shoot.

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton Having A Baby Despite Doctor Warning

1000-lb Sisters’ very own Amy Slaton announced that she is pregnant at the beginning of the season – adding another TLC baby to the mix. She has lost over 100lb pounds so she can have children. So, she was overjoyed by the baby news. While everyone in her life did let her know that they are happy for her, they also expressed how dangerous this could be.

Four months after having gastric bypass surgery, Amy Slaton had to tell her weight-loss specialist she’s expecting a baby on 1000-lb Sisters. Dr. Procter’s reaction worries her. He explains she was not supposed to get pregnant for two years after getting surgery. Despite all the warnings, Amy is enjoying pregnancy and indulging her cravings.

She’s been snacking on pineapple lasagna, barbeque chips, and peppermint patties. This is a problem because if she’s not careful, she can stretch her stomach back out and derail her progress on 1000-lb Sisters. But there’s something else Amy Slaton’s doing while pregnant that’s pretty wild. And it involves a toga.

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton

Internet Sensations Turn Reality Show Smash Stars

Reality star Amy Slaton with her sister, Tammy Slaton, is a co-star of 1000-lb Sisters for a good reason. As they began the weight loss journey, the girls really did weigh that much together. Tammy was the biggest sister – tipping the scales at 600 pounds. Comparatively, Amy was much smaller at 400 pounds. Before their TLC stardom, the girls were on the internet, creating a stir.

Amy and Tammy have done tons of videos about cooking and also makeup tutorials. 1000-lb Sisters celeb Amy is always on top of what to make up to do for Halloween. She and Tammy point out it’s hard to be overweight and wear costumes. So, painting their face is more comfortable. In a more recent video, they play a devilish game of trick or treat.

On the holiday video, Amy found herself flicking spiders out of a bowl of marshmallows. Meanwhile, Tammy dug through chocolate cereal. At the end of the day, these sisters just seem to want to have fun together. And now, Amy Slaton had some big fun with her hubby, Michael, and a romantic toga photoshoot.

1000 lb Sisters: Amy Slaton - Micheal Halterman


1000-lb Sisters: Michael & Amy’s Over-the-Top Maternity Shoot

Pregnant Amy Slaton and her husband Micheal Halterman have been so excited to do things involving the baby. On their baby journey, they had a gender reveal video letting fans know that they are having a boy. Then, Micheal enjoyed baby mooning with his wife. Amy Slaton said going to the hotel on the babymoon was the nicest place she had been to.

But their latest wildness involved the 1000-lb Sisters star with her hubby in togas – looking like they’re Roman royalty. See the photo above of Amy in her new maternity shoot. Amy Slaton wants to make sure their son knows what she looked like pregnant with him. So, she threw on a toga – and so did Michael.

These two struts their stuff at a lavish dress-up maternity shoot. And then, with her husband Michael showering her with kisses, it’s all adorable and perfect. Look for more baby updates and news here on Amy Slaton.

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