‘1000-lb Sisters’: Amy Slaton – Shocking Numbers Revealed

1000-lb Sisters star Amy Slaton is on a weight loss journey, and fans are following her every move. Even though the season is over and won’t be back until next year, we still get updates.

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Takes This Seriously

1000-lb Sisters personality Amy Slaton is a fan favorite that people can not get enough of. While she and her sister are on a weight loss journey to lose a combined 600 pounds, there is so much more to these sisters. Amy first weighed in at 400 pounds and told cameras she needed to lose weight to start her dream. She told the camera’s her dream is to start a family with her husband, Michael Halterman.

Once Amy qualified for gastric bypass surgery, she jumped at the opportunity. She then lost over 100 pounds. And when she hit 288, she also became pregnant. Dr. Charles Proctor warned her that she might not have the easiest pregnancy. Her body was still not healed from her first major surgery, and with the stress, a body goes through with having a baby, she would be at high risk. She said it would be worth it to have a baby, though.

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton - Michael Halterman

The Baby Gets What It Wants

1000-lb Sisters co-sister Amy Slaton got her dream to become a mom to come true. Pregnancy can cause some bizarre cravings for women. Amy says that just because she has to lose weight doesn’t mean that she won’t enjoy that part of her pregnancy. So when the baby “wanted” pineapple lasagna and peppermint patties with barbeque chips, he got it.

Her weigh-in with Dr. Charles Proctor showed she gained weight that she could not afford to gain with her body the way it was healing. Everyone on 1000 Pound Sisters was chiming in to warn her. She admits that she ate too many sour gummies. She even told fans how a morning breakfast landed her in the hospital. Amy says she had extreme cramping from Chinese food. It was hard to give up junk food.

1000-lb Sisters: Gage Slaton

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton Makes Progress

Amy Slaton from 1000-lb Sisters seemingly got through the last episode without a weight loss update since she has her son Gage Slaton. It turns out TLC was just waiting to surprise us with it. Fans wondered if she would try and lose weight now that the baby wasn’t an excuse.

It looks like the answer is yes. When Amy hopped on the scale in an extended version of the episode, it was clear to see that she had lost 20 pounds, pulling her down to 270. Fans are super excited to see her make this progress. This means she will be around much longer for her son Gage Slaton.

1000-lb Sisters may be taking a break, but Soap Dirt isn’t.