‘Young and the Restless’ Swap: Gina Tognoni Could Be Sally Spectra’s Mom on ‘Bold and the Beautiful’

Young and the Restless spoilers reveal Gina Tognoni is done as Phyllis Abbott. But her exit upset many fans. Others are clamoring to see her over on Bold and the Beautiful. In case you’re not up to date on what happened, new head writer of Y&R Josh Griffith decided to lure Michelle Stafford away from General Hospital. He gave a recent interview that many fans found dismissive of Gina Tognoni’s run as Phyllis.

So, with fans upset, maybe the powers that be at CBS daytime could pull a casting switcheroo. Now done at Y&R, she can pop over to B&B in a pivotal role. There’s a fiery redhead at the LA fashion house that sure could use her mom right now. Her boyfriend just dumped Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) and she has no family in Los Angeles on Bold and the Beautiful. So, it could be perfect to bring in Tognoni. Consider this…

Young and the Restless: Gina Tognoni Fired – Replacement Called “Iconic”

In an interview that seems insulting towards Gina Tognoni, Y&R writer Griffith talked about bringing back iconic faces to the CBS soap. Then, he specifically said that Michelle Stafford is “iconic”. Many soap watchers disagree on which Phyllis they liked best – Stafford or Tognoni. But no matter how you slice it, it sounds like Gina Tognoni got a raw deal. Reportedly, the soap sacked her without warning.

That was to make room for Stafford over at Young and the Restless. Whether you prefer one Phyllis over the other, that sure seems a tough way to go out. Griffith said he’d essentially wooed the original actress over a period of months. Then, when Y&R locked in Stafford they gave Gina Tognoni the bad news that she was replaced. This all comes courtesy of chatter from behind the scenes, but sounds about right given the timing. But a move to Bold and the Beautiful could be intriguing.

Bold and the Beautiful Could Use Gina Tognoni Right Now

With the energy and fire that Tognoni always brought to Red on Y&R, she could bring the same excitement to B&B as Sally Spectra’s mystery mom. There’s not a ton of info about the other Ms Spectra. Remember, Shirley Spectra (Patrika Darbo) raised Sally and her sister Coco Spectra when their parents ran off. The parental backstory is pretty interesting and would be an amazing fit for Gina Tognoni’s intensity.

And although Sally Spectra was shown the door last year from Bold and the Beautiful, now Sally is back and could use family. Shirley Spectra raised Sally and her sis while running her bakery. Because Sally Spectra’s parents were carnival folk who ran into trouble with the law. That means the history is wide open and they could bring in Sally Spectra’s mother with Gina Tognoni in the role – with or without her husband.

It’s easy to see how Gina Tognoni and Courtney Hope could resonate as mother and daughter. Of course, this is all wishful soap thinking. Although Gina Tognoni’s final scenes as Phyllis Abbott just aired on Y&R, there’s no word on future projects. So, while fans might love to see her migrate down the hall at CBS daytime to B&B, there’s no chatter on this casting development just yet. But stay tuned.

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