‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Big Exit for Gina Tognoni – Grand Debut for Michelle Stafford as Phyllis

Young and the Restless spoilers this week set the stage for the Phyllis Abbott swap from Gina Tognoni to Michelle Stafford. There’s some big action happening around Phyllis that begs a critical question. Is head writer Josh Griffith honoring Gina Tognoni’s dedication to the CBS soap with a big exit. Or the big bang may be all about Michelle Stafford’s return and this exciting material is to kick start her recast.

Young and the Restless: Phyllis Abbott Conspiring With Adam

On this week’s Y&R, Phyllis Abbott considers a deal with the devil in the form of Adam Newman (Mark Grossman). Then, she made a big stink showing up drunk at the Abbott’s party to celebrate the new Jabot campaign. If that wasn’t bad enough, she drove drunk and almost crashed into Adam.

Adam’s bad luck with car crashes is legendary… After sobering her up, Adam proposed an alliance to get payback. Phyllis Abbott pushed back and said he’s using her. But then she relented, so viewers will see Adam bring her to the commitment party at Society, say Young and the Restless spoilers.

Y&R Spoilers: Fans Divided on Gina Tognoni Exit and Michelle Stafford Return

The Young and the Restless sets the stage for an explosive exit and entrance for Gina Tognoni and Michelle Stafford. An unidentified man grabs Phyllis Abbott in sneak peek spoiler pics. This may tie back to her shady business with the fake Jabot knock-off website.

After an ugly scene at the party, Phyllis is ready to work with Adam Newman. Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) shames her and her daughter blows her off. So, then she goes back to the devil to sign the deal. Adam plans to target Dark Horse to destabilize Nick and she’s on board. But fans are torn on Y&R.

Young and the Restless: Which Phyllis is Your Favorite?

It seems that in some ways, new head writer on Y&R, Josh Griffith, may be as tone deaf as his despised predecessor Mal Young. The Brit showrunner sidelined veterans and brought in a pile of new characters that many fans didn’t like. Josh brought back veterans that Mal sidelined and that was great.

But Young and the Restless fan reaction varies on other things he’s doing, such as swapping Gina Tognoni for Michelle Stafford. After all, this was not a hasty replacement. Stafford made a knowing choice to take a new role over at GH and left Y&R. Then, the CBS soap took its time choosing and casting Tognoni and she’s worked hard to make the role her own.

But now, if the Y&R chatter is accurate, Josh Griffith worked hard to recruit Michelle Stafford to come back and then when she said yes, he axed Gina Tognoni out of the blue. But no matter what you think if the swap, it’s official and happening soon. So all this plotting and excitement with Adam and Phyllis Abbott’s upcoming scenes where she get snatched will usher out Gina and set the stage for Michelle’s comeback.

Brace yourself for a bumpy ride with new Young and the Restless spoilers on the swap from Soap Dirt.