‘Young and the Restless’: Fans Outraged at Mal Young Emmy Win

Young and the Restless fans were bittersweet over the Emmy Awards as it brought back Mal Young onto the LA soap scene. The CBS soap won awards for best drama, writing, and directing. While Y&R fans no doubt are happy to see their show honored, for those that couldn’t stand the changes the British showrunner made to the show, it was a hard pill to swallow. Many were not shy about sharing their thoughts on the Emmys being rigged or failing to recognize what Mal Young did to dismantle the soap.

Fans Annoyed at Young and the Restless Mal Young Reminder

When Mal Young was first promoted to Y&R showrunner, fans rejoiced. They were excited at the regime change after years with Jill Farren Phelps and Chuck Pratt. But the enthusiasm didn’t last long. One by one, legacy families were dismantled and core characters were sidelined. Mal Young axed Doug Davidson as Paul Williams after 40+ years on the soap.

Then Victor Newman (Eric Braeden Gudegast) went missing and after him went many others. Kevin Fisher (Greg Rikaart), Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson), Hilary Curtis (Mishael Morgan), and well-liked newcomer Ravi Shapur (Abhi Sinha) exited. Christel Khalil opted to drop herself to recurring on Young and the Restless. Then the ratings steadily dropped as more unpopular changes followed.

Finally, in December 2018, CBS reportedly fired Mal Young although he says he chose to leave. New writers came in and are unwinding the damage restoring beloved characters and axing some new of the new characters. Five months after his ill-fated and unpopular tenure, the Emmys handed him best writing, directing, and drama awards. Yet no actors won. Check the slideshow below to see what fans think about this improbable outcome.

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Young and the Restless Wins Best Daytime Drama – Mal Young Grabs It

Shemar Moore (AKA Y&R‘s Malcolm Winters) handed out the award to the CBS show for Outstanding Daytime Drama Series. Taking the stage, Mal Young grabbed the trophy and called that and the other one he had as “bookends”. He talked mostly about himself and while he mentioned the legacy of the Bells, then his speech seemed to immediately disregard them.

Mal said you’re only as good as your last show and said that it’s not good enough to say that you were good 10 years ago. Then he mentioned the Young and the Restless actors on stage and said he thanked the ones “that supported him” which was odd wording. It sounded like he was only selecting select ones since it’s widely known that many of the cast were not Team Mal.

Mal Young Casts Shadow on Kristoff St John Memory?

Another quite noticeable thing about the Y&R award win was its dedication. When Shemar announced that they won, he said “Kristoff, this is for you baby”. That was after a short off-script speech when he talked about Kristoff St John’s passing and what he meant to him. But when Mal Young took the trophy and the stage, things changed.

His speech was predominately about himself and how he changed things and how great he was. And Mal Young did not once mention or acknowledge Kristoff St John at all. It’s interesting since it was Mal that cut the actor from Young and the Restless, which cannot have helped his depression any. Then, Mal Young dedicated the award to crew members. That seemed to spit in the face of what Shemar said earlier about their fallen colleague. Skip to the 2:30 mark above to watch the speech. What do you think?

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