‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Kyle Tells Lola He Sold Himself to Save Her Life

Young and the Restless spoilers promise Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) tells Lola Rosales (Sasha Calle) the truth. He must reveal the deal he made with Summer Newman (Hunter King) to get her to do the liver transplant surgery that will save Lola’s life. When Lola Rosales learns the sacrifice he made, will she fight to win him back or be angrier than ever on the CBS soap?

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Kyle Abbott Confesses to Lola Rosales

It appears Summer goes through with the surgery to save Lola Rosales’ life, much to Kyle Abbott and her family’s appreciation. However, now that Summer literally saves his love, Kyle may find himself in a difficult position on Y&R as he explains to the woman he loves what he did to save her.

According to recent Young and the Restless spoilers, Kyle confesses the truth to Lola. It seems like he may confess to her that he made a deal with Summer to get her to take a risk with the surgery. While Lola obviously will be thankful that she’s alive, she may not take this news appreciatively.

Although she and Kyle were split (yet again) when she was attacked, she still has feelings. Finding out the lengths he went to may make her realize she wants him back — or that she was right to leave him. Now that he will marry someone else, will Lola finally realize she wants him, but it’s too late?

Y&R Spoilers: Summer Newman and Kyle Get Hitched

As previous Young and the Restless spoilers said, Kyle Abbott offers to marry Summer. However, he will only do so in exchange for her donating part of her liver. Apparently, Summer jumps at the chance to get what she wants. So, she and Kyle end up marrying.

When Lola Rosales discovers her ex-boyfriend marries her enemy, she’s not going to be thrilled. But, the younger Abbott seems intent on doing whatever Summer would like him to do. He wanted to save Lola’s life so badly, that he would do anything.

Summer’s more than happy at how well things are going. After weeks of trying to win Kyle back, she finally gets what she wants. And all it costs her is a little side of liver. However, could Lola waking up bring some drama to Summer’s newly married life?

Young and the Restless: Lola and Kyle Over?

Summer tried for weeks to win over her ex-boyfriend, but she had no such luck. Kyle Abbott consistently told her that he was in love with Lola Rosales. Even when Summer literally threw herself at him while he was on the outs with his love, he denied her.

Now that she has exactly what she wants, it appears that Lola and Kyle could be over for the time being on Young and the Restless. However, this might not last for long. After all, if Kyle still longs for Lola, Summer may begin to grow disgruntled in her marriage.

There’s also the chance that the wedding doesn’t make it to completion. Will Kyle Abbott step back at the last minute? Or could Summer Newman realize that she doesn’t want to basically blackmail her way into his life? Watch CBS daytime to catch the outcome of this twist on Y&R.

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