‘Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Paternity Puzzle – Kyle And Victor Father And Son?

The Young and the Restless spoilers promise that Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) had a tough life growing up. His mother Diane Jenkins Newman (Maura West) was one scheming cookie. She was always trying to get over on someone and her biggest scheme was to try and steal Victor Newman’s (Eric Braeden) sperm and have his child after he left her to go back and marry the love of his life Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott). Did Diane’s connection to Victor run deeper than Nikki realized?

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Diane vs. Nikki

YR fans remember that Nikki was not having any of that because she and Diane were fierce rivals. Nikki wanted to make sure that her husband did not get caught in Diane’s trap. Nikki went to the lab and switched Victor’s sperm samples with Jack Abbott’s (Peter Bergman). Here’s the question though, what if Nikki didn’t really do it or Diane figured it out and swapped them back? What if Diane used The Mustache’s swimmers and Kyle really is Victor’s son after all?

As Y&R spoilers show, Kyle has always seemed drawn to Victor in some unnatural way. Almost as if by some magnetic pull. And he acts a lot more like Victor than he does like Jack. There was a DNA test done to confirm that Kyle was Jack’s son, but this wouldn’t be the first time a DNA test in Genoa City was wrong. Let’s not forget about Summer Newman (Hunter King) and the drama surrounding her parentage when Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) changed the results. Y&R fans know there is always a chance in GC that DNA isn’t the truth.

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Kids Popping Up All Over

Longtime Young and the Restless watchers saw Victor and Nikki each had a child pop up out of nowhere in recent years and turn the Newman clan upside down. First, it was Victor with his son Adam Newman (Justin Hartley) whose mother Hope (Beth Toussaint) sent Adam to get to know his father after she became ill and died. Then, Nikki had her son Dylan McAvoy (Steve Burton) with Paul Williams (Doug Davidson). Dylan came to town and the Newman family had to once again adjust to a new sibling.

Y&R spoilers know that Victor also seems to have a special affinity for the young Abbott. Some say it’s because it angers Jack that he is so close to Kyle. But watching Kyle and Victor together, fans have to wonder if maybe it’s more than that. We also have to wonder if maybe Diane didn’t get the better of Nikki in the end after all despite Nikki’s best efforts. Kyle could be a Newman heir. If this is true, Jack will be devastated yet again. Young and the Restless spoilers from Soap Central promise Kyle and Victor have more intrigue ahead.

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Heartbreak Ahead for Jack?

Jack already lost so much to Victor and losing the child he’s called his own for so many years could just be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. For Kyle, it would explain a lot though. He has an extremely ruthless nature when it comes to business and he doesn’t seem to care who he steps on to get what he wants. As Kyle has gotten older these traits have become more prominent and have made him seem more like Victor than Jack.

Some might say this is because he spends so much time with Victor and that may in part be true, but Kyle has just returned to GC more ruthless than he has ever been. He has never set out to hurt his own family before. Does Kyle know something Y&R fans don’t yet know? Has Kyle learned some secret about his paternity that makes it easier for him to go after those he has always held dear and claimed to love? We’ll find out soon enough why Victor and Kyle are so close!

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