‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Billy Wants Revenge on Cane Over Victoria Kiss

Young and the Restless spoilers reveal Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) is out for revenge after seeing Cane Ashby (Daniel Goddard) and Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) together. Billy thought that he and Victoria were going to get back together. After seeing her with Cane, he immediately wants revenge.

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Billy Abbott Catches Victoria Newman with Cane Ashby

Billy thought that he and Victoria had patched things up and were planning on getting back together on Young and the Restless. So, when he walks in to see Victoria and Cane making out on the couch, he doesn’t really take it that well.

After Victoria said that she loved him, and they really seemed to bond in the past week as Victoria struggled with JT Hellstrom’s (Thad Luckinbill) memorial, Billy thought their relationship was steady.

Sure, Victoria Newman wanted to take it slow. And sure, Billy knows she’s going through a hard time with all of the JT mess. However, Billy thought that they were going to get serious. When he sees her with Cane, he’s more than a little upset. He wants revenge.

Y&R Spoilers: Billy Out For Revenge

This isn’t the first time Billy has been cheated on in Young and the Restless. Most recently, he was in a relationship with Phyllis Abbott (Gina Tognoni). She cheated on him with Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow), which eventually led to their breakup. This cheating scandal also led to Nick and Sharon Newman’s (Sharon Case) split. After Phyllis cheated on him, Billy sought revenge (just like he will after discovering Victoria and Cane together).

So, he slept with Phyllis’s daughter, Summer Newman (Hunter King). Now, Billy could do so much damage to both Cane and Victoria for what he sees as a betrayal. Victoria Newman has so many issues to deal with at the moment, from her mother Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) being watched by a suspicious person – – to her father Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) wrongly being accused of murdering JT. The last thing she needs is Billy Abbott out to get her.

Young and the Restless – Cane and Lily Winters Falling Apart

While Victoria has her drama she’s currently dealing with, Cane has his own. He and his wife Lily Winters (Christel Khalil) are together, even if Cane doesn’t act like it when he’s making out with Victoria. However, their marriage isn’t great at the moment, and the duo is slowly falling apart.

Lily is currently in prison, which definitely puts a strain on their relationship. In fact, Cane Ashby recently came to terms with their failing marriage when she wrote him a letter from prison. Now that he’s making out with Victoria (and potentially starting a romantic relationship with her), is there any hope for him and Lily?

Y&R – Billy Tells Lily?

When Billy Abbott is out for payback on Young and the Restless, he usually makes sure he delivers. After all, he is the one who bedded Summer for revenge when he found out she was cheating on him. There’s not much that he wouldn’t do if he was angry enough. He’ll go all out in the name of vengeance.

Now that he sees Victoria with Cane Ashby, he could really cause some great harm to the two. One of the worst things he could do would be to spread the word about their cheating. Billy Abbott may even head over to visit Lily, informing her of what her husband has been up to while she’s been in prison.

Billy spilling the beans about Victoria Newman and Cane Ashby, even if the two have only shared a few kisses here and there, could devastate a lot of people, most of all Lily and Cane’s family. Just how far will Billy Abbott go in his quest for revenge?

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