‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: More Victoria-Cane Romance Ahead Says Daniel Goddard

The Young and the Restless spoilers tease Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) and Cane Ashby (Daniel Goddard) will do more than kiss. Although the angry smooch will be downplayed by both, there is lots more to come promised Goddard in a recent interview about the kiss, his character’s future with Victoria, and the fate of Lily Ashby (Christel Khalil). This lip-lock was not a one and done for Cane and Vikki!

Young and the Restless Spoilers – Victoria Newman & Cane Ashby – More to Come

Although many Y&R fans won’t like it, one of Mal Young’s parting gifts seems to be a shady side romance between Victoria Newman and Cane Ashby. Daniel Goddard revealed some facts in a recent Soap Opera Digest interview that should make many viewers unhappy. First, he said that Mal Young was writing six months of Young and the Restless scripts ahead. This begs the question of whether CBS will scrap the material.

With plummeting ratings, let’s hope that the powers that be at CBS daytime reject that writing – but they might not. After all, that is money they already spent, so why waste it if they think they don’t have to? If TPTB sticks with Mal Young’s script work, then Goddard’s interview details hold true and that means you can expect to see Vikki and Cane entangled in months to come.


Y&R Spoilers – Daniel Goddard Admits Avoiding Christel Khalil

In the interview, Goddard was asked about staying in touch with Lily Ashby actress Christel Khalil. He admits he has “deliberately avoided contacting” her but says he has a good reason. The soap actor said he wanted distance between them in their personal lives to reflect on screen when Cane Ashby went to see her in the prison scenes. He also admitted that they talked a lot before she decided to drop to recurring.

Of course, with Mal Young gone from Young and the Restless, perhaps Khalil will come back to the show. Reportedly, many women were marginalized behind the scenes, both cast and crew, during the Brit showrunner’s tenure. With him out of there, maybe she and others like Eileen Davidson (Ashley Abbott) will return. If not, Y&R watchers might be stuck with months of Victoria Newman and Cane.

Complications With Lily and Billy in Genoa City

The Cane Ashby actor says that he wondered what Mal Young would do with his character once Christel Khalil dropped out of her Young and the Restless contract. He said the twist the ex-head writer constructed “pleasantly surprised” him. Since Cane almost single-handedly tanked Brash & Sassy, there’s so much anger there. Plus she and Lily Ashby are friends. And what about Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson)? That adds another layer.

Billy and Cane are hot and cold as step-brothers. Finding out that Vikki smooched both of them within days won’t sit well with Billy. And finally, don’t forget that Cane Ashby’s daughter is involved with Victoria’s son. The younger generation would freak out if they found out their parents were sucking face. Cane with Victoria could be one of the most awkward and awful pairings ever on The Young and the Restless. What do you think?

Unfortunately, according to Daniel Goddard, there’s more to the Cane Ashby and Victoria Newman storyline than we’ve seen. However, he also says that Lane is “not over” but is “complicated one again”. No doubt, Lily Ashby will feel betrayed by what happened. Watch CBS weekdays for new Y&R episodes and see what happens after the angry kiss between Cane and Victoria.

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