‘Young and the Restless’: Nick a Total Hypocrite About Christian

Young and the Restless spoilers promise Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) sticks to his guns with Adam Newman (Mark Grossman). He won’t budge on custody of Christian Newman (Judy & Ozzy McGuigan). But it seems he forgot his own history with the child he calls his son. While Christian definitely needs stability, he has not always had it. Not only that, but it’s Nick Newman that is responsible for a major upset in his young life. So, is the eldest Newman son being a hypocrite? Consider these facts on Y&R on CBS.

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Nick Newman Was in Adam Newman’s Position

Right now, Y&R spoilers show that Nick is indignant and certain that Adam Newman is in the wrong for trying to take his biological son home with him to raise. He thinks Christian should stay with him because he’s the only father Christian Newman has known. But that’s not true, is it? This almost exact scene played out before.

Remember when Christian was born, Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) and Dylan McAvoy (Steve Burton) thought he was their son. So, they were raising him and the little boy had a happy home with two parents. Then, Nick figured out Christian was his, and made demands on Young and the Restless.

Y&R: Nick Ripped Christian From Dylan Once and Sharon Twice

Of course, Nick was in the right asking for his son on Young and the Restless. But it was the way he did it. Sharon made almost the same argument to Nick – that she and Dylan were the only family that young Christian knew. But Nick Newman would not hear it and took the kid away from them, as expected.

So, Christian went from a two-parent home to being with a single dad. Then, he confused the kid further by moving in with Sharon. So, she was acting as his mom again. However, Nick Newman screwed that up by cheating, so Christian lost the only mom he’s known again on Y&R thanks to Nick.

Young and the Restless: Blind to His Hypocrisy – Nick Pushes On

Essentially on Y&R, what Nick Newman is saying is that it’s okay for him to take Christian from the only parents he’s known when he thought he was his biological son. But that same logic doesn’t apply to Adam and he thinks Adam has no rights as Christian’s true father. That’s hypocritical, right?

Last week on Young and the Restless, Nick Newman chewed his brother out and said he should have tried to get to know Christian gradually. But remember, Adam tried to do that and Nick Newman blocked that too. That’s the reason that Adam started making demands to begin with – because he was denied access.

As it stands, since The Mustache cleaned up Adam’s legal mess, he has no charges hanging over him. So, he can easily launch a custody case against Nick Newman and win. It may come down to that unless Nick wakes up and realizes he won’t win anyway, so why put everyone through it. What do you think?

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