‘Young and the Restless’ spoilers: Will Nick succeed where Adam Failed?

Young and the Restless spoilers reveal a father-son custody battling is brewing with Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) for little Christian Newman (Jamie and Alister Tobias). Nicholas Newman (Joshua Morrow) and his brother Adam (Justin Hartley) may have a lot more in common than they ever thought possible. They are both being manipulated by their father Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) and he uses their children to control their lives and get them to bend to his will.

Victor threatened Adam continuously

With Adam, Victor threatened to take his son Connor every time Adam stood up to him. Adam tried to take Chelsea (Melissa Claire Eagan) and their son and move to Paris. Y&R Fans know that Victor was adamant that his grandson stays where he could keep an eye on him and he wanted Adam to stay close as well. Adam played the game until he decided he couldn’t take it anymore and he died trying to meet up with Chelsea and escape with their son, or so we thought until Chelsea decided to leave town and meet some mystery man.

Victor never changed still a master manipulator

As Y&R fans watch they see Nick is experiencing the same kind of tyranny from his father. Nick has always managed to dodge the Newman curse and do his own thing until now. Nick thought after suffering a stroke and nearly dying Victor might have had a change of heart and might be softening so when Victor offered him a job at Newman Nick decided to take it, that is until he learned that he was being offered the position of COO to undermine his sister Victoria (Amelia Heinle).

Victor now threatens to take Christian on Young and the Restless

To say that Nick was angry is an understatement. Unlike Adam Nick is not a vengeful person, but now Victor has taken things a step further and has threatened to take Christian, the child Nick has raised since he learned he was alive, away from him. Nick is a lot like Adam in that he is not going to simply sit back and let his father manipulate the situation.

Nick wants to leave town with his son

Like Adam, he wants to take his children and his newly reunited love Sharon Newman (Sharon Case). And he wants to get as far away from Victor and his manipulations as possible. Nick wants to leave as soon as possible.  He’s been offered a great job in San Diego. So, he’s anxious to take it before Victor decides to make his move and try to take Christian away from him.

Adam and Nick different but very much alike on Young and the Restless

While Nick and Adam were very different in many ways they had one very important thing in common. They recognized Victor for what he could be. And they seemed to be willing to do anything to protect their families. That includes putting their own lives on the line.

However, Nick was a bit more passive in how he handled things. He worked within the law. But Adam was a schemer at heart. And he wasn’t above breaking more than one egg to make those omelets. It does seem now that Nick is crossing over to his brother’s way of thinking. And he’ll stoop to breaking the rules to get what he wants.

What do you think? Is Nick capable of succeeding where Adam failed and protecting his family from Victor’s influence or will Victor win out again?

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