‘Young and the Restless’ News: Shemar Moore’s Mother Died – Marilyn Wilson-Moore Passed Away

Young and the Restless news confirms Shemar Moore‘s beloved mother Marilyn Joan Wilson-Moore passed away on February 8. Y&R fans know Shemar as Malcolm Winters and his followers know him as a devoted son to his mother. Here’s the latest information on Shemar Moore’s loss.

Shemar Moore Confirms His Mother Died – Marilyn Joan Wilson-Moore Passed on Feb 8

In a tearful video, at times, Shemar Moore spoke directly to his mother, Marilyn Wilson-Moore and said “your baby boy is hurting, but I’m going to be alright”. Shemar said he’s been offline for awhile and kept this secret “out of respect to my mom”. The Criminal Minds actor was clearly distraught.

Then, Shemar held up a photo of his mother and said, “10 days ago, February 8, 2020, my mom Marilyn Joan Wilson-Moore passed away”. Shemar Moore called his mom Marilyn his “partner in crime” and said she’s “his whole life… everything he’s ever known”.

He said, “I stay stunned. I am heartbroken” adding that his mother was “my partner in crime… my Bonnie to my Clyde – everything I’ve ever known – everything I’ve ever worked hard for”. While fighting his tears and wiping his eyes, Young and the Restless’ Shemar Moore continued his tribute.

Young and the Restless: Malcolm Winters (Shemar Moore) - (Marilyn Wilson Moore)

Y&R Actor Heartbroken & Stunned – Shemar Moore’s Loving Tribute to His Mom

Young and the Restless fans may know that Shemar Moore’s mother was a single mom and he was devoted to her. Back in 1999, Marilyn Wilson-Moore was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Years ago, Marolyn said that Shemar had a hard time accepting  that she had MS.

Shemar had lots more to say in his series of loving videos posted more than a week after she passed away. He said: “I don’t know life without this woman – I don’t know what to do, but I will figure it out because that’s what she would want”.

Then, the actor credited her with all his success. He said: “But everything I am, everything I’ve accomplished is because of this amazing woman. My mother is gone – she ain’t here no more…”

Young and the Restless: Malcolm Winters (Shemar Moore) - (Marilyn Wilson Moore)

Young and the Restless’ Malcolm Winters Actor Kept Mother’s Death Private for 10 Days

Shemar Moore then explained that he kept her passing secret for a while. He said: “I’ve been quiet, because I’ve been crying a lot – I’ve been yelling and screaming no, no, no, no, no…”.

“We had plans – our journey was already great… But, we had plans – we were almost there”.

Then Shemar Moore talked about Marilyn Wilson-Moore’s health issues. “She was tired – she had heart issues. She had MS, as you know. I don’t know what the doctors are going to tell me.”

Then, Shemar Moore defended posting the video – in case anyone said something negative (but how could you criticize this loving tribute?).

Shemar said: “I’m telling you this – I’m not exploiting her on social media. I’m telling you this because you knew her from afar… I’m not famous without her and I made her famous”.

“But, I don’t exist without this woman. I don’t have what I have. I don’t do what I do without this woman… She took me around the world and when it was my turn, I took her around the world”.

Young and the Restless: Malcolm Winters (Shemar Moore)

Shemar Moore Says His Mom Expected a Daughter – Shares Cherished Family Photo and Calls Marilyn “Remarkable”

The sad yet sweet video from the Young and the Restless actor shared an interesting tidbit from his past. He held up a large portrait of himself with his mother (see above) where he was putting on lipstick.

Shemar Moore said: “I was the little girl that she never had. That’s why in this picture, I’m putting lipstick on. Because she thought she was going to have a little girl. My name is Shemar Frankin Moore. But, my name was supposed to be Mayana Lisa Moore. So, I was joking around and put some lipstick on”.

Then, Shemar added: “Me and her dreamed. And my story’s incredible. Her story’s remarkable. Our stories together are seemingly impossible – but we did it together”.

Then he went on. “My mother Marilyn, mama, she’s gone and it’s killing me. I’m down, dissed, without this woman… 1, 2, 3, 4 – I don’t know what number I’m at. But you damned right, I will get up before they say 10”.

Shemar Moore - Marilyn Wilson Moore obituary

Young and the Restless Actor’s Mom Passed “Suddenly” – Shemar Figuring What’s Next

Although Marilyn Wilson-Moore had MS, it looks like her passing was quick and unexpected. So, Shemar Moore said he was waiting to hear from the doctors. Presumably on what happened and why the Criminal Minds actor lost his mother.

Shemar said: “My mama was stronger than I’d never know how to be. And if I didn’t get up, I would disappoint her. I will get up and I will come back swinging, fighting, swagging… I gotta figure out the next chapter without my mama”.

As he continued visibly upset, Shemar Moore said: “I have nothing. I know nothing. I’m not here if my mother didn’t think outside the box. If she wasn’t brave, if she wasn’t strong, if she wasn’t smart… I can keep going…”

“I’m okay, I’m just hurt real bad. Real bad. But I’m gonna stand up and I’m going to continue to chase my dreams and be somebody. Mama, here come that man, still. Because, that’s the boy she raised…”

Finally, Shemar Moore spoke to fans about his mother one last time before ending the eulogy to Marilyn Wilson-Moore, his mother.

He said: “I’m not famous, I’m not Hondo, I ain’t sh*t without this woman. I’m just a man and I’m gonna miss my mama for the rest of my life. I love you guys, I love how you supported my mom, I love how you support me”.

We send our condolences to Shemar Moore on the passing of Marilyn Wilson-Moore. Rest in peace.

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