‘Young and the Restless’ LEAK: Unlikely Hook-Up – Will it Be Lola & Elena – Or Nate in One-Night Stand?

Young and the Restless leaks say there’s a stunning hook-up between two characters – could it be Elena Dawson (Brytni Sarpy) and Lola Rosales (Sasha Calle)? Or maybe it’ll be Nate Hastings (Sean Dominic) and very lonely Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle). The source from CBS daytime says it’ll shock fans. See our predictions on who this unlikely pairing might be on Y&R on CBS.

Young and the Restless Predictions: Lola Rosales & Elena Dawson Cross Friend Line?

The Y&R leaker says that this hook-up comes out of nowhere and is a shocker. One pairing that would definitely drop jaws would be Lola Rosales and her roomie Elena Dawson. Perhaps these ladies share a night of passion soon. Lola’s been without love in her life for a long time. And Elena’s seen double rejection lately from both the guys in her life.

So, maybe Young and the Restless will do something edgy for May sweeps. Of course, if Lola got with Elena, they wouldn’t be the only same-sex couple in Genoa City. Lola Rosales spends all her time with either her heartbroken brother or Elena Dawson. So, you never know what Elena might get up to with Lola. And it would be a shocker if Y&R writers did this.

Recent scenes between Elena, on Young and the Restless, with Lola, hinted that a deeper connection might be brewing. Elena Dawson has had a lot of heartache in her life. A pairing with Lola Rosales may just be what the doctor needs to rise up out of her funk. But Elena-Lola being the shock bed buddies seems like a long shot. Keep scrolling to see our other thoughts on this Y&R leak.

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) - Summer Newman (Hunter King)

Kyle Abbott Cheats on Summer Newman on Y&R?

Another possibility for this Young and the Restless leak is Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) getting with Tara Locke (Elizabeth Lerner). The two had an affair three years ago and there is a spark between the ex-lovers still. Their past love affair and child will not be a secret much longer according to recent Young and the Restless spoilers.

Another clue that Kyle might get with his ex Tara is that the actress is on contract now, which means she’ll stick around. Plus, Summer Newman’s (Hunter King) already paranoid about the two. And, Hunter has a primetime gig she’ll reportedly start filming soon. That means Summer might drop out of sight for a while, leaving room for Kyle to romance Tara on Young and the Restless.

However, Y&R spoilers also know that Kyle hooking up with Tara wouldn’t be much of a surprise. She’ll come to Genoa City to stay soon – no doubt with their son, Harrison. So, Tara spends more time with Kyle as he gets to know his son. They could easily give in to temptation. Young and the Restless spoilers say this pair seems likelier than the ladies mentioned above – but is missing the element of surprise.

Young And The Restless LEAK: Nate Hastings (Sean Dominic) - Lola Rosales (Sasha Calle)


Young and the Restless Predictions: Nate Hastings Scores with Someone New?

Recently single, Nate Hastings could be the one to have a hot affair with a surprising partner.Y&R predictions hint that he could hook up with Victoria Newman – or even Lola Rosales. All three are single so at least there’s that. However, Nate sleeping with Lola would be a betrayal of her BFF Elena.

Young and the Restless spoilers tease it could be Victoria and the hot doctor. Although, that might be a little strange since he was with her sister, Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway), in the past. It would be a welcome distraction from Vicky for her lingering feelings for Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson).

Even more interesting would be if the Young and the Restless leaked affair is between Nate and Lola. Why? Lola’s roommates and pals with his ex-flame Elena. And if you recall this week on the CBS soap, Lola told Nate he deserved love in his life – and they seemed to share a little moment of “what if?”

No doubt, the Young and the Restless leak shocker will unfold during May sweeps which kick off April 29. But viewers will have to wait and see if it’s Lola Rosales getting with Elena Dawson – or maybe she’ll pounce on her friend’s ex in a moment of heat and weakness.

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