‘Young and the Restless’ News: Joshua Morrow Linked to Les Moonves Scandal

Young and the Restless news reports Joshua Morrow (Nick Newman) may have benefited from the Les Moonves’ sex scandal at CBS. This convoluted story starts with Morrow’s agent Marv Dauer. He was also the agent for Bobbie Phillips, a woman who accused Les Moonves of sexual assault. Allegedly, Dauer tried to leverage this information to help his clients.

Y&R’s Joshua Morrow Connection To Les Moonves Scandal

According to the New York Times, Young and the Restless‘ Joshua Morrow’s agent Marv Dauer was also the agent for Bobbie Phillips back in the 1990s. Phillips alleged that Moonves sexual assaulted her in 1995 in his office. They met to discuss a possible acting role. While Phillips did not detail to Dauer exactly what happened in the meeting, she did tell him Moonves “violated her.” Phillips now says she ultimately left acting due to the alleged assault.

However, in late 2017, rumors started to surface that Moonves had a history of sexually inappropriate behavior throughout his career. The media contacted Marv Dauer to schedule an interview about the allegations. While Dauer refused to comment to the press, he began contacting Moonves, says the NYT investigation. During these conversations, Dauer discussed acting work for Phillips and several of his other clients – one of them was Joshua Morrow.

Joshua Morrow Had a Meeting With Les Moonves

During this time frame, Dauer reportedly landed Joshua Morrow a meeting with Les Moonves. This was when Moonves was still the big boss at CBS which gave him influence over The Young and the Restless and every other show. It is not suggested that Joshua Morrow knew anything about these behind the scenes schemes or any accusations against Les Moonves.

However, around the time of this meeting, Morrow’s character moved front and center on the Young and the Restless. Storylines shifted and Morrow’s character, Nick Newman, started a new business – Dark Horse. The cash-strapped show spent significant money on new sets for Dark Horse. The timing may be entirely coincidental.

Joshua Morrow’s Agent Under Scrutiny by CBS Board

The Times reports the CBS board called a second emergency meeting. The first time the board met was over the allegations by multiple women against the then-CEO. The second meeting related directly to Les Moonves, his relationship with Marv Dauer, and the agent getting special treatment for clients.

During that meeting, the board decided to put Moonves on leave from CBS. Two weeks later, Moonves admitted to working with Joshua Morrow’s agent to get a job for Bobbie Phillips to keep her from going public with her story. Moonves was then forced to step down. The Young and the Restless actor hasn’t revealed if Dauer is still his agent.

Young and the Restless Actor’s Agent Denies Wrongdoing

Dauer stated, “I don’t know how I got in the middle of this.” He denied attempting to leverage Moonves to benefit the Young and the Restless actor and other clients. “I wouldn’t even know how to blackmail someone,” he said. “Not in my wildest dreams. Yes, I did try to get my clients parts. That’s my job. That’s what managers do.”

While Les Moonves was fired, there continue to be persistent rumors of poor treatment of women on the Young and the Restless set. There was Eileen Davidson’s departure. Then Gloria Bardwell vanished with no fanfare exit for Judith Chapman. And there was Christel Khalil’s decision to step back to recurring status. All point to issues behind the scenes.

It sounds like the real-life backstage drama is more intense than what is seen on screen in Genoa City. If Joshua Morrow hasn’t already distanced himself from Marv Dauer, that move might be overdue. Stay tuned to Y&R, weekdays on CBS.

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