‘Young and the Restless’: How Devon Hamilton and Katherine Chancellor Are Related

Young and the Restless fans are asking lots of Chancellor family questions lately. Remember billionaire Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) is the grandson of Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper). With the mention of Chance Chancellor, many Y&R viewers are trying to recall the extensive family tree and how his return could tie into current characters on the canvas. Most noticeable is Devon who’s family to Chance, now linked to Adam Newman (Mark Grossman). Let’s jump into the family archives and get you the info you need. This is all important with upcoming plots on the CBS sudser.

Young and the Restless: How is Devon Hamilton Tied to Chance and Katherine Chancellor?

Back years ago on Y&R, you may remember that Devon Hamilton had no idea who his biological father was when he first came to Genoa City. It wasn’t until Neil Winters (Kristoff St John) found Devon’s mother Yolanda “Harmony” Hamilton (Debbi Morgan) that she revealed to Devon that his father was Tucker McCall (Stephen Nichols). At the time, that didn’t mean much to Devon because he had no idea who Tucker was. He was raised by Neil and is still grieving his loss.

Later, it was revealed that Tucker was the son that Katherine Chancellor believed died as a baby. Mrs C only learned that Tucker was her son after he gained control of her company Chancellor Industries. He felt Katherine Chancellor owed him something for abandoning him as a child. He didn’t realize that she didn’t know that he was alive on Young and the Restless. So this was two generations of men that didn’t know their families.

Y&R Spoilers: Katherine Chancellor Welcomed Devon Hamilton as Her Grandson

Longtime Young and the Restless viewers remember Mrs C and her newfound son made peace. Tucker then had his own bombshell dropped on him when Yolanda and Neil brought Devon Hamilton to him. Then, Yolanda let him know that Devon was his son. Tucker didn’t believe it, and Devon was fine with it. He had Neil as a dad and he felt that he didn’t need Tucker.

But Katherine Chancellor wouldn’t be shut out of her new grandson’s life once she learned the truth. Katherine liked Devon from the first time Neil and Drucilla Winters (Victoria Rowell) brought him to visit her. Y&R fans watched as Katherine’s affection for her grandson grew and he grew to love her too. The two formed a bond almost instantly that lasted until Katherine Chancellor passed away on Young and the Restless.

Young and the Restless: Devon Hamilton Loved Katherine Chancellor

Y&R history reminds that Devon bonded almost instantly with Katherine. But bonding with dad Tucker was not so easy. The young man seemed almost resistant to letting his biological father into his life even though Neil encouraged it. Devon told Neil he didn’t need another father. Eventually, Tucker discovered his son’s passion for music and that swayed him since Tucker had a record label. Later, Tucker went back to NYC and fans don’t hear much about Devon Hamilton’s biological father anymore.

Devon Hamilton and Katherine Chancellor remained close until her death on Young and the Restless. They spent a lot of time talking about the Chancellor family. He also learned all about the Chancellor-Abbott history and how they connected. Then, Devon came into a great deal of money when Katherine passed away. Some of the Chancellor fortune is Chance’s and if he returns, he could push Devon Hamilton aside if he won’t share.

So, now you know how Devon Hamilton and legacy character Katherine Chancellor are connected. Wait and see what comes soon on Y&R on CBS.

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