‘Young and the Restless’: Doug Davidson Asks Fans for Prayers

Young and the Restless star Doug Davidson loves his fans and proved last night he cares about them too. The Paul Williams portrayer has been hearing from some of his social followers that they were sick or down. So he turned to other fans to help them by asking prayer requests. You can see his tweet below and also note the many replies and shares from this sweet post. No doubt, Doug cares about his fans – and vice versa.

Young and the Restless: Fans Rooted for Doug Davidson and He Returns Favor

Back in the admittedly mediocre days when Mal Young was running Y&R, he cut Paul Williams from the character canvas, forcing Doug Davidson out of the CBS soap. Doug’s fans rallied to the cause and raised their voices. Of course, that showrunner didn’t care what fans wanted. That’s why he cut Doug Davidson and other beloved actors and characters. It’s also why ratings hit the skids and the British writer-director was finally fired himself which thrilled most viewers.

Then, with the new writing-producing team in charge, Doug Davidson was one of the first that they brought back to restore the show to its glory days. When Young and the Restless revealed that Paul Williams was coming back to Genoa City, fans rejoiced. And of course, Doug Davidson was quick to thank his fans via social media. he acknowledged the role they had in bringing him back and how much he appreciated their efforts.

Y&R: Doug Davidson Reaches Out to Fans for Prayers

Last night, the Young and the Restless actor reached out to fans for prayers. But it was not for himself, but others. You can read his tweet above where he heard from some social media followers about “upsetting diagnoses”. Then Doug Davidson asked if everyone “can say a prayer for those” in poor health and in pain. The response to his request was overwhelming. The response is climbing as fast as the response to news about his Paul Williams character.

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You can see the replies in the slideshow above. Doug Davidson’s Y&R fans are responding in droves. The tweet has, as of this writing, nearly 3,000 likes and hundreds of retweets. Plus, fans are piling on comments doing just as the actor asked – saying they are praying for those that need help. One fan replied: “Doug really cares. I’m sure it’s one reason why so many banded together to get him back onscreen.”

Now that Paul Williams is back to the GCPD and Doug Davidson is back in the swing of things at the CBS soap, it’s clear he has fans foremost on his mind. So, check out his message and what he’s asking in this kind effort to support the fans that supported him.

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