‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Doug Davidson Fired from YR – Slams Production on Way Out

Young and the Restless spoilers from actor Doug Davidson reveal he was let go from the CBS soap after more than 41 years as Paul Williams. The firestorm erupted on Twitter on Monday and then Davidson confirmed his ousting but had some things to say about production on the way out the door. While he didn’t name Mal Young specifically, it’s clear (as fans know) that the showrunner is the problem.

Doug Davidson Fired From Young and the Restless

Y&R spoilers direct from the actor show that last night, he was upset and tweeting. Then a fan asked, “They haven’t let you go have they?!” to which he replied, “It seems so.” Then later he tweeted, “Goodnight Gracie” which is a famous exit line from a 60s TV show. He added more details when questioned by fans.

Doug said, “They have a new direction” talking about how much Y&R has changed in recent months.

Then when someone mentioned the storyline and what’s happening there, he clarified that he’s “not included.”

When someone commented on his hard work, he said, “Seriously, I think I’ve taken less than 5 sick days in 40 years.”

Young and the Restless: Doug Davidson fired-confirmed

Paul Williams Leaving Genoa City

With Young and the Restless spoilers showing that his character is not included in the new direction of the show, a recast doesn’t seem likely. This could be the last Y&R fans see of Paul Williams in Genoa City. Wonder what that means for his on-screen wife Christine Williams? Since Lauralee Bell is related to the founders of the soap, perhaps she’s insulated from these events.

Young and the Restless: Doug Davidson fired

Fourth Exit in Recent Months

Y&R fans are not happy with casting changes. Eileen Davidson is wrapping her decades-long run soon as Ashley Abbott. Hilary Curtis was killed off over a reported contract struggle with Mishael Morgan. And we’re seeing what could be final scenes for a while for Lily Ashby as Christel Khalil requested to be dropped to recurring.

And now, Eric Braeden is taking a one-month break from the show with no idea how Y&R will handle it or whether The Mustache will return.

And now Doug Davidson was fired. Plus there are allegations of abusive treatment behind the scenes at Young and the Restless. Plus if you read his tweets below, it looks like Joshua Morrow was also on the cusp of leaving but was able to cut a deal. Doug Davidson said “no comment” but didn’t deny the fan allegation.

Young and the Restless: Doug Davidson fired Young and the Restless: Doug Davidson fired Young and the Restless: Doug Davidson fired

Ratings in the Toilet – Mal Young to Blame

Sloppy ratings and stolen plots (Summer and Kyle’s bet was lifted almost word for word from the movie Cruel Intentions). Check out the article and video that proves it. That’s just the tip of the trouble iceberg at CBS Young and the Restless. Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) not being an Abbott is just one more sign of what Mal Young is doing to dismantle the show. Will the network let him continue to wreck the show?

Young and the Restless: Doug Davidson fired

Ratings are dropping on a weekly basis. Mal Young is bringing on new actors and ignoring legacy families. Many signs point to the beloved soap circling the drain unless the network stops the free-fall. Now that Doug Davidson was fired, what’s next?

Be sure to read our exclusive chat with Doug Davidson on the timeline for his exit, what’s left, and how it happened. Also –please sign the petition to save Young and the Restless – raise your voice and help save the soap!

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