‘Young and the Restless’: Adam vs Nick – Which Brother Should Get Christian?

Young and the Restless spoilers remind that Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) and Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) are locked in a fierce battle over custody of Christian Newman (Alex Wilson). Each brother steadfastly believes they are the right one to raise the young boy.

While Adam is the biological father, Nick is the only father Christian knows. Also, most Genoa City residents support Nick as Adam is persona non grata around town. So, who deserves to get the win in court to raise Christian Newman on Y&R on CBS?

Young and the Restless: Nick Newman Has a Father’s Love for Christian Newman

Y&R spoilers know that Christian is the biological child of Adam Newman and Sage Warner (Kelly Sullivan) but Nick believed the baby was his. Then, Adam switched the paternity results for several reasons. Nick raised Christian for most of his young life – but not all of it.

Nick Newman had no problem taking Christian from Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) and Dylan McAvoy (Steve Burton) who were raising him as their child. That was when he thought he was the bio dad. But he’s in no rush to hand him over to the actual bio dad on Young and the Restless.

Y&R Spoilers: A Little Custody Hypocrisy on Nick’s Part?

On Young and the Restless, Nick Newman loves Christian Newman no matter what the DNA test says. He sees Christian as his son 100%. And he loves him as a father should. But also, he really dislikes Adam Newman – and he doesn’t hide that.

Nick Newman snatched Christian right out of Sharon’s arms when the reveal came that Christian was his (even though it wasn’t ultimately true). But, then things flipped. Now, Nick says he’s been raising him and shouldn’t hand him over.

But that was Sharon’s argument too on Young and the Restless. Yet Nick didn’t respect that from her. However, is it in Christian’s best interest to be taken from the only father he knows?

Young and the Restless: Adam Newman – Desperate For Family

Y&R spoilers wonder if Adam Newman should be allowed to raise his son. From the moment Adam regained his memory, he’s been on a mission to get custody of Christian. It’s true that he’s is the boy’s biological father, but he basically gave up his rights when he rigged the paternity results.

Sage Newman’s death and Nick’s grief weight heavily on his mind back then. Now, Nick’s healed and Adam Newman regrets giving up his son. Perhaps if Nick offered Adam the shot to get to know Christian, things could have gone differently.

Plus, with Chelsea blocking Adam from Connor Newman, too, it’s more important that he get access to Christian. With Chelsea living with Nick, Adam’s hurt and it added fuel to the fire on Young and the Restless.

Y&R: Which Dad is Better for Christian?

Young and the Restless spoilers say Nick and his brother Adam neither one will back down. Then, the court assigned a temporary guardian for Christian plus visits from both dads. But, Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc) said the judge wants them to work things out between them.

So far, things are getting worse instead of better. It escalates to physical violence between the brothers this week. Nick Newman publicly assaulting Adam Newman won’t help his custody case. In fact, he might hand Adam a win with that face punch on Y&R.

The big question is – who’s the best dad for Christian? The answer’s not clear. Both love him and both want him. Maybe if Adam hadn’t “died” in that cabin fire, he’d have come back around to wanting his son anyway. Now, resurrected, he definitely does.

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Who should win custody of Christian Newman?