‘Young and the Restless’: 5 Things We Want for Jack Abbott in New Episodes

Young and the Restless spoilers roll out soon for Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) as they continue to film new episodes. But, we’ve got some ideas for Jack’s return on the CBS sudser. Lately, he doesn’t have too much action on Y&R, and we’d like to see that change with these five ideas.

#1 Jack Abbott Keeps a Hand on Jabot on Young and the Restless

Right now, Jack Abbott took his hands off the reins at the family business on Y&R. But that doesn’t seem like such a good idea. After all, it’s the family legacy and is critical to all the Abbotts. Every time Jack steps back, chaos ensues as it did with Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) in charge.

So, while Young and the Restless doesn’t need Jack in the office all the time, it’s nice to see him there. Remember the fantastic chemistry between Jack and Gloria Abbott (Judith Chapman)? That would be nice to have if they brought her in as his assistant again.

#2 Jack Mediates Theo vs. Kyle on Y&R

Another storyline on Young and the Restless that needs Jack Abbott’s attention is the rivalry between his son and nephew. No doubt, Kyle Abbott’s (Michael Mealor) jealous of Theo Vanderway (Tyler Johnson). And it put the family business at risk.

Now, with Theo fired on Young and the Restless, that doesn’t mean the back-and-forth ends. So, Jack could be the mature voice of reason between these young men because he survived rivalries like this in his past. So, he could offer sage advice.

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Dina Mergeron (Marla Adams) - Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman)

#3 A Heartfelt Farewell With His Mother Dina Mergeron

Another major Young and the Restless storyline that needs Jack Abbott is Dina Mergeron (Marla Adams) final days. Of course, with the Coronavirus constraints, it could be some time before Dina’s back on the scene. But, we definitely want to see her back.

We’ve got fingers crossed that Young and the Restless doesn’t suddenly announce that she died off-camera. Because Dina’s moving Alzheimer’s story deserves the proper ending with her children at her side. So, that way, Jack Abbott and the other siblings can have final moments with their mom.

#4 Jack Needs a Woman on Young and the Restless

Another glaring hole on Y&R in Jack Abbott’s life is the lack of love. When they first recast Phyllis Summers with returning Michelle Stafford, many people wanted Jack back with Red. Instead, she got with the other guy. So, perhaps they’ll unwind that and put her with Jack.

Also, on Young and the Restless, he seemed to vibe with Jill Abbott (Jess Walton), who’s single too. However, it would be nice if Y&R brought in a new character for him. Preferably, someone who’s age-appropriate and a strong-minded career woman.

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) - Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman)

#5 A Little Bit of Jack-Victor Rivalry’s Good on Y&R

One last thing on our Young and the Restless wish list is to see Jack Abbott still sparring with Victor Newman (Eric Braeden). While they don’t need to be in a full-blown rivalry arguing over women and doing corporate takeovers, a little tension would be appreciated.

After all those decades of war between them on Young and the Restless, we don’t want to see these two wimp out and become golf buddies at the retirement home, right? So, let’s hope that they have great new storylines for Jack Abbott soon as we hear up for new Y&R episodes on the air.

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