When Is Mike Corbin Leaving ‘General Hospital’ – Max Gail’s Last Dramatic Scenes on GH

Viewers wonder when Mike Corbin‘s leaving General Hospital. Because Max Gail‘s character took a sad turn for the worst. So, it’s creeping closer to his time ending on the sudser. That means his final scenes may come soon. Lately, Mike’s good days are fewer and he’s starting to not recognize people and is living in the past.

Certainly, Sonny Corinthos’ (Maurice Benard) heart breaks as he realizes his dad is fading away from them faster these days. That means it’s almost time to say goodbye to Mike Corbin on ABC’s GH. Take a look.

When Does Mike Corbin Leave General Hospital – Max Gail’s Final Scenes

Recently, on GH, Mike Corbin’s Alzheimer’s got much worse, seemingly in an instant. He’s more agitated and doesn’t recognize family and friends. Surely, Sonny hoped it was just a string of bad days and his father would eventually come back to them again. However, it’s not just a series of bad days. Sadly, the Alzheimer’s is in full swing and Mike Corbin’s cognitive decline’s picking up the pace.

Certainly, his good friend and counselor Stella Henry (Vernee Watson) noticed it right away. Remember, she has a lot of experience with Alzheimer’s patients. So, she told Sonny and Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) this week on General Hospital that the time to let him go is getting closer. No doubt, they are beside themselves and Sonny has been trying to hold on just a little longer.

Now, he will have to be strong and do what’s right for his dad. Now, it’s got viewers wondering when is Mike Corbin leaving General Hospital and Max Gail’s last and final scenes air.

Sonny Corinthos Torn Apart On GH

On General Hospital, Sonny Corinthos and Mike Corbin’s history is sad and complex. Remember, Mike left Sonny and his mother when Sonny was a child due to his gambling addiction. Surely, Sonny hated him for many years and was reluctant to try for a relationship with him. Also, Mike kept falling off the wagon and Sonny couldn’t trust him. More recently, Sonny got a call from an associate that Mike was working as a bag man for someone sketchy.

The first sign that something was off was that Mike Corbin didn’t deliver a large sum of money to his boss. Also, he claimed not to remember where it was. So, after Sonny took Mike home with him on General Hospital, they began looking into his episodes. Sadly, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Since then, Mike and Sonny have rebuilt their relationship as father and son. Now, Sonny is heartbroken that he is losing his father after just getting him back.

At least, the past is behind them and they are in a good place on GH.

When Are Mike Corbin’s Final Episodes On General Hospital – Still More Time Left

On GH, Mike Corbin’s final farewell isn’t coming in time for Christmas. Certainly, the sudser likes to do sad holiday stuff but they also like to drag out things. So, while things look dire for Mike right now on General Hospital, don’t say goodbye just yet.

No doubt, Max Gail has been phenomenal at playing Mike Corbin and showing how awful Alzheimer’s is on the patient and family. And he won a daytime Emmy for his work on General Hospital. Surely, viewers will be in tears during Mike’s final episodes and will miss him dearly.

So, get the tissues out and watch ABC weekdays so you don’t miss a moment of Mike Corbin’s tear-jerking performance.

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