Will ‘General Hospital’ Do Mike Corbin’s Death Off-Screen – Max Gail Return Delayed?

General Hospital spoilers wonder if fans will miss out on the heartbreaking close to Mike Corbin‘s (Max Gail) Alzheimer’s battle because of the COVID situation. Currently, actors over 65 are encouraged to hold off returning work. But, Mike’s storyline demands that he be there. So, will this COVID crisis keep Max Gail off the set on ABC daytime?

General Hospital: Mike Corbin at Death’s Door Before COVID Hiatus

Last we saw on GH before production shut down for COVID, Mike Corbin was in bad shape. Viewers may recall he’s sleeping all the time and won’t eat. Sadly, when an Alzheimer’s patient reaches that point, it usually means they are done fighting. Mike’s son Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) was told the end was near on General Hospital.

However, he’s afraid to let his dad go in case that’s not what he wants. Because Mike couldn’t communicate with him, Sonny didn’t know the right choice. Now, with the Coronavirus throwing things for a loop, the end of Mike and Sonny’s story on General Hospital may play out off-screen.

General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) - Mike Corbin (Max Gail)

GH Back to Filming Soon – Will Max Gail Return or Not?

General Hospital could resume filming later this month. Of course, there will be strict guidelines. And, love scenes may be tricky. Plus, older actors may not be able to return to the GH set just yet. With the pandemic, actors 65 plus should get their doctor’s approval before coming back to work. So, some shows may hold off with older actors at first.

Mike’s portrayer, Max Gail, is the oldest actor on General Hospital. Also, Tristan Rogers, who plays Robert Scorpio, is in his 70s as well. Plus, Jeff Kober, AKA Cyrus Renault, is 66. So, they may all feel the impact of the new restrictions. No doubt, it will mess with the mob storyline if Jeff can’t return yet, and there’s no Cyrus around. However, Max is the one most likely to be sidelined on GH.

Will General Hospital Disappoint Fans by Cutting Alzheimer’s Story Short?

If Max can’t return to the studio, GH may either say that Mike Corbin died and not show it. Then, they can use flashbacks of him talking with Sonny. Or, they can use prior footage of Mike Corbin at Turning Woods with his eyes closed, conked out. Then, they could shoot Sonny’s reaction separately on General Hospital.

However, Max won an Emmy for his stellar portrayal of Mike Corbin. So, it will be a shame if General Hospital must finish out Max Gail’s arc this way. No doubt, if GH goes this way, they’ll disappoint fans following this story for so long. Hopefully, when new GH episodes are back, there will be new Mike Corbin scenes with Max Gail to conclude his story on the ABC sudser.

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