‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny’s Heartbreak – Mike Corbin’s Alzheimer’s Battle Ends

General Hospital spoilers hint Mike Corbin’s (Max Gail) Alzheimer’s battle will soon come to an end. Each week, GH viewers witness Sonny Corinthos’ (Maurice Benard) heartbreak over his father Mike’s declining health. But unfortunately, there is only one way that this story ends. The only question is when.

Max Gail and Maurice Benard Slay Alzheimer’s Storyline

Max Gail’s stunning portrayal of an ailing man coping with Alzheimer’s has been nothing short of spectacular. This disease is relentless under the best of circumstances. Yet Gail and Benard are doing a superb job in displaying the toll it takes on families.

It’s also encouraging to see General Hospital making some good come from this sad story. Sonny Corinthos and his father, Mike Corbin, have been at odds for decades. On many occasions, Sonny Corinthos even cut Mike out of his life. Even so, Sonny always paid Mike’s gambling debts and bailed out his dad. General Hospital Spoilers and fans see the way GH is using the storyline to mend fences between father and son and it’s riveting.

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Sonny Corinthos’ Latest Enemy – General Hospital Spoilers

Sonny Corinthos has great pride in keeping his family safe from his enemies. However, it is killing him that there is no way to protect his father, Mike Corbin, from Alzheimer’s. He is helpless while watching his father’s mental health deteriorate. There is no one that he can shoot or bribe to make it all better. There is no one that he can ask Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) to take out. Unfortunately, all Sonny can do, is feel.

In this aspect, Alzheimer’s may be Sonny Corinthos’ greatest enemy yet. It pushed him out of his comfort zone. GH head writer, Shelly Altman, says the storyline is intentionally showing a softer side of Sonny Corinthos. This part of Sonny has not been seen in a while. He is more than just the mob. He is also a son, and he will always be a family man.

Mike Corbin’s Inevitable End

General Hospital spoilers reveal this turmoil leads Sonny Corinthos and Mike Corbin to a place of forgiveness. When Mike Corbin ran off with Avery Corinthos (Ava and Grace Scarola), Sonny saw his father’s frailty. This ordeal also shows Sonny that there is much he doesn’t know about Mike Corbin. Hopefully, from this experience, father and son will heal old wounds before it’s too late.

GH spoilers are pointing to the end of this story possibly coming soon, and unfortunately, there is no magical conclusion. Although GH writers didn’t reveal when the end will come, they have stated it will play out to its logical conclusion. However, there are still a few more bridges Sonny Corinthos and Mike Corbin will have to cross.

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When Will Mike Corbin’s Alzheimer’s Battle End?

Many GH fans are hoping the show continues to include viewers in Mike’s battle. Some fear GH will put Mike Corbin away in a home where he’ll pass away off-screen in lieu of more exciting stories. If GH does that, expect a huge outcry from fans. Alzheimer’s is an illness that touches millions.

If GH continues to do what it’s doing, Sonny’s breaking heart may put General Hospital back on top. What a great way to celebrate Maurice Benard’s 25th year on the show.

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