‘When Calls The Heart’: Jesse Flynn and Clara Stanton Splitting Already?

When Calls The Heart newlyweds Jesse Flynn (Aren Buchholz) and Clara Stanton (Eva Bourne) have their first big fight. Plus, the potential sale of the dress shop has several of the townspeople in an uproar. And graduation day brings unexpected guests to the ceremony.

When Calls The Heart: Jesse Flynn Deceives Clara Stanton

When Calls The Heart husband Jesse Flynn has been cavalier with the money he and his wife Clara Stanton have been earning. Jesse rashly bought a motorcycle a few episodes ago, which broke down, and Jesse had to push it back to Hope Valley. Lee Coulter (Kavan Smith) was kind enough not to hold Jesse to the deal, but Clara Stanton Flynn and Jesse still had to pay for repairs.

Clara and Jesse Flynn had a serious talk about their finances and tightening their belt to keep on a budget. But Jesse went behind Clara Stanton’s back and invested their money without Clara’s knowledge or input. Now, on Hallmark Channel’s When Calls The Heart, Bill offers to allow Clara to buy a partnership in the cafe. Clara seems excited about the offer, but Jesse reminds Clara that they agreed not to take any more financial risks right now.

All is well until Clara went to the bank and discovered Jesse took all their savings out. Clara Stanton and Jesse had a big argument in which Jesse Flynn confessed he invested their money, and it’s gone. Jesse said it was guaranteed, and he didn’t know what happened. Clara told Jesse to please leave the house. Jesse left without another word in the latest episode of When Calls The Heart.

When Calls The Heart: Rosemary Coulter (Pascale Hutton)

WCTH: Rosemary Worries Over the Sale of the Dress Shop

Rosemary received a letter and told Rachel Thom (Jennifer Laporte) that Dottie Ramsey (Erica Carroll) is considering selling the dress shop. Rosemary and Rachel seem distressed over the thought of it. But when Lee comes in to invite the ladies to lunch, he seems indifferent to the impending sale. The news of the potential sale travels like wildfire through the townspeople on When Calls The Heart.

Given how attentive he usually is to Rosemary’s emotions, some fans speculate that Lee is buying the shop to give to Rosemary Coulter. This would keep Rosemary happy on When Calls The Heart and give Lee’s niece Rachel a steady job. Lee’s indifference frustrated Rosemary, and she told him to go stuff his trout, a reference to the lunch special.

Rachel Thom, meanwhile, asks for some time to go for a walk. But later that evening, on When Calls The Heart, she still hadn’t returned. Lee and Rosemary Coulter go looking for her in the car. They find her in the dark, along the road, and she told them she got lost and had been wandering ever since. Lee Coulter and his wife Rosemary hug the girl and take her home. Rachel was recovered from her ordeal and attended the ceremony led by Elizabeth Thornton the next day.

When Calls The Heart: Jesse Flynn (Aren Buchholz) - Clara Stanton (Eva Bourne)

When Calls The Heart: Unexpected Guests at Graduation

Elizabeth Thornton (Erin Krakow) found that Minnie Canfield (Natasha Burnett) is a tough nut to crack when it comes to her daughter Angela Canfield (Vienna Leacock). Elizabeth made several overtures to invite Angela to school, which were all rebuffed by Minnie. But Elizabeth Thornton of When Calls The Heart is nothing if not persistent. She went to Joseph Canfield (Viv Leacock) and made sure he knew she was doing everything to ensure she could teach Angela at school.

Joseph Canfield tried to tell Minnie about the graduation ceremony, but Minnie Canfield was resistant to going. The protective mother on When Calls The Heart even said to Elizabeth Thornton she didn’t think the school would be a good fit for Angela. However, at the parent-teacher conference, Elizabeth invited her and Angela Canfield to attend.

When Minnie Canfield seemed to oppose even that, Elizabeth clarified that she wanted Minnie and Angela Canfield to come for no other reason than to meet new people. On those terms, Minnie accepted. Afterward, she told Elizabeth she was considering working with her to help Angela go to school. But, fans of When Calls The Heart wonder, who is buying the dress shop? Is Clara Stanton Flynn really splitting from Jesse Flynn? Watch Hallmark on Sunday nights to find out.

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