‘When Calls The Heart’: Dr. Carson Shepherd Gets Another Chance at Love

When Calls The Heart spoilers reveal, Dr. Carson Shepherd (Paul Greene) faces big challenges. It seems as if change is everywhere in town. The wait is almost over for eager Hearties anxiously awaiting the next installment. Season 8 of the Hallmark frontier show begins Sunday, February 21, 2021, at 9 pm.

When Calls The Heart Spoilers: Dr. Carson Shepherd Renews His Affections

When Calls The Heart spoilers indicate Carson Shepherd and Faith Carter pursue their relationship after she returns to Hope Valley. Over the last several seasons, Faith, the local nurse, and town doctor Carson developed a relationship that goes beyond work. The nurse first came to town to care for her patient Leland Coulter (Kavan Smith), whose foot got slashed in a cable accident at the mine. Faith later decides to stay in Hope Valley, as Carson’s nurse, breaking off her engagement when her fiance arrives to take her back to Union City.

When Calls The Heart, doctor Carson Shepherd, and nurse Faith Carter have gotten closer over the last several seasons since his successful surgery on his sister-in-law. The citizens noticed the budding relationship, between Carson Shepherd and his pretty nurse, and rumors started about the two. Then Faith accompanies Carson on a trip to Benson Hill for equipment, which really raises some eyebrows.

Their secret comes out after the couple return from Benson Hill, and Carson Shepherd kissed Faith Carter in the street with the entire town looking on. Carson’s involvement with his nurse progresses until she leaves Hope Valley to study medicine in Chicago. The upcoming season of When Calls The Heart promises Carson will rekindle his relationship with her once she returns home to Hope Valley.

When Calls The Heart: Elizabeth Thornton - Erin Krakow

 WCTH Spoilers: Elizabeth Thornton’s New Love

When Calls The Heart spoilers bring drama for more than just Carson Shepherd. Elizabeth Thornton finds another mate in Season 8. Elizabeth is getting over her broken heart from her husband, Jack Thornton (Daniel Lissing), who was killed on duty in a landslide. Two locals, salon keeper Lucas Bouchard (Chris McNally) and Canadian Mountie Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry) are each pursuing her. WCTH previews promise she will pick a suitor this season.

Behind-the-scenes information tells fans that writers for When Calls The Heart did not want just another man in Elizabeth’s life. They were after the next great love of her life. But during the preview, Erin Krakow, tells viewers that the love triangle is necessary for her story. Without it, fans might not ever meet Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry) or Lucas Bouchard (Chris McNally). She also says she can’t imagine Hope Valley without one or the other of those men.

The town schoolteacher isn’t the only one with new beginnings. A new family and a visitor to Hope Valley challenge the entire town. Will she find a way to convince the Canfields she can teach their daughter? Will Lucas Bouchard’s mother help Elizabeth reach her dream of publishing her manuscript? When Calls The Heart has an exciting storyline for Season 8.

When Calls The Heart: Joseph Canfield - Viv Leacock - Minnie Canfield - Natasha Burnett - Angela Canfield - Vienna Leacock

Newcomers Bring Change to When Calls The Heart

Season 8 of When Calls The Heart brings new characters to town. The Canfield family and Lucas Bouchard’s mother arrive, and each creates their own challenges. The Canfield family patriarch is Joseph Canfield (Viv Leacock), a former pastor who hopes to buy the gas station. Joseph’s wife and children accompany him. Another visitor to town is Lucas’ mother, Helen Bouchard (Teryl Rothery).

The Canfields bring diversity and new trials to the show, When Calls The Heart, especially for Elizabeth Thornton. Angela Canfield (Vienna Leacock) is a skillful piano player, but she is blind. Her protective mother, Minnie Canfield (Natasha Burnett), is very protective of Angela and isn’t sure attending school with the other children is in Angela’s best interest. Elizabeth wants to find a way for Angela to be included and be around kids her age.

Lucas Bouchard’s mother, Helen, arrives in town. She quickly picks up on the signs of attraction between her son and the schoolteacher. Now, previews of Hallmark’s When Calls The Heart promises that choices and a current of love stream through this series including big things ahead for Dr. Carson Shepherd.

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