When Are ‘Young and the Restless’ New Episodes – CBS Surprise ASAP Airdate?

When are Young and the Restless new episodes back on the air? That’s what viewers want to know more than anything. Strangely, CBS daytime’s been silent about when new episodes will return. Remember, they’ve been filming for a few weeks now. Here’s the latest on when we can hope to see brand new Y&R shows.

How Long for Young and the Restless to Get New Episodes on the Air?

Y&R resumed filming on July 13. So, they’re in their third week of taping. However, other than a few actors acknowledging that they’re back to work, it’s been a cone of silence around the CBS sudser. So, what does that mean – and how long will it take to edit and get on the air?

Let’s consider the timelines for the other soaps – that might compare to Young and the Restless. First, there’s CBS sister soap, Bold and the Beautiful. They got back to work in June – and had their first new B&B on-air by July 20. So, it was close to a month from filming to airing.

Plus, Bold paved the way for US soaps to return to work. And, you can bet CBS daytime shared their COVID learning curve info from B&B with Young and the Restless producers. So, will they be the next soap back on the air? Nope! It’s General Hospital, as of now.

Young and the Restless: Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) - Amanda Sinclair (Mishael Morgan)

Why is GH Back on the Air Before Y&R?

By way of comparison, the ABC soap, GH, began filming again in mid-July. Now, they’ve announced new episodes back on the air on Monday, August 3. That’s about a three-week turnaround. With Young and the Restless filming as long as the ABC show, where’s the airdate?

Now, either ABC has GH editors burning the midnight oil – or something else is afoot. We wonder if new GH shows will be riddled with flashback scenes – like they did to stretch their pre-COVID-filmed episodes. Meanwhile, Young and the Restless may be holding out for all-new episodes.

Is it worth the wait for you, as a Y&R fan, to get a better end-product? Or would you rather have new Young and the Restless back ASAP – even if it meant seeing a ton of flashbacks intercut with the new footage? However, there’s another option – maybe Y&R’s got a surprise ahead.

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Victor Newman (Eric Braeden)

Will Young and the Restless Surprise Fans With a Last-Minute Announcement?

Perhaps Y&R’s planning an end-run to steal GH’s thunder. Could it bet that the CBS sudser’s also planning an early-August debut – but is waiting until the last minute to hype up their return? That would certainly be one way to thrill (and surprise) Young and the Restless’ loyal fan base.

For now, we’ve got fingers crossed that Y&R will come out of the blue and blindside us with an eleventh-hour reveal that they’ve also got new episodes ready to air. Otherwise, it could be that the new strict COVID-19 safety requirements have significantly slowed their shooting progress.

So, Young and the Restless could stun fans with an announcement of new episodes with an as-soon-as-possible airdate. Or, the painful truth could be they’re not ready and will be the last of the US soaps stuck in reruns – since Days hasn’t yet resorted to old episodes.

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