What is Sally’s Diagnosis on ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ – Is She Leaving B&B?

Bold and the Beautiful fans want to know what’s up with Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) and if she’s leaving the CBS soap. And some still aren’t clear on what’s happening with her medical crisis. Here’s what you need to know about Sally’s fate as B&B plans to resume shooting new episodes in June. Check it out.

What is Sally Spectra’s Diagnosis on Bold and the Beautiful?

This is a top question from some fans still wondering if Sally Spectra might be sick and what’s ailing her. The first thing to know is that B&B kept Sally Spectra’s medical diagnosis a secret. At first, that infuriated fans – then things took an even more outrageous twist.

Later, Bold and the Beautiful revealed that Sally was faking it and not sick at all. That angered many viewers who thought the soap was making Sally Spectra look worse to try to redeem Flo Fulton (Katrina Bowden) by comparison. However, there’s more behind the scenes on this.

Because, an inside source at CBS daytime revealed that Bold and the Beautiful initially wrote Sally’s story to truly be sick, and die. Then, they changed their minds and rewrote the plot to make it a scam. So, if the Sally Spectra sickness plot feels disjointed, that’s because it is.

Is Courtney Hope Leaving B&B?

Bold and the Beautiful is reportedly rethinking all their storylines while on hiatus. Partly, that’s because they’ve had time to re-evaluate which storylines fans like – and which they hate. But also, B&B must change their plots because of limitations on shooting for COVID safety concerns.

So, right now, it looks like Courtney’s sticking around Bold and the Beautiful as Sally Spectra. Of course, she can’t keep her fake illness plot going forever. And you never know, maybe the CBS soap will flip the script again and in a twist, make her truly sick. Wouldn’t that be a shock?

Of course, Courtney Hope already thought she was leaving Bold and the Beautiful as the initial plot was for Sally to have a fatal diagnosis and struggle, then die. Now, though, it looks like the actress has a fighting chance to stay on B&B and fight for her man.

What’s Sally’s Fate on Bold and the Beautiful?

B&B fans are wondering if Sally Spectra is leaving and what’s wrong with her. For now, Sally’s diagnosis is fakery and lies. But, that could change, so keep your eye out for her fate when Bold and the Beautiful new episodes return, hopefully in July, but maybe in August.

Sally’s got a lot of issues to face since her doctor knocked out Flo on Bold and the Beautiful. Now, they have an unconscious body on their hands and Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) walking in the door. Can she silence her rival and win back her man?

It seems likely that Sally Spectra won’t keep Wyatt as her guy on Bold and the Beautiful. But since he’s a Spencer waffler, maybe she’s better off without him. Instead, we might see Sally reunite with also-jilted Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson). Wait and see what’s next for Sally Spectra.

Info on when Bold and the Beautiful new episodes return will be updated at Soap Dirt as info leaks from the set – so stay tuned.