When is ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Coming Back – 5 Hurdles to Restart Filming With Wyatt, Sally & The Rest

Bold and the Beautiful‘s been on reruns a few weeks now, and everyone wants to know when new episodes are coming – particularly with Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks), and Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) left hanging. Here’s what needs to happen for B&B cast and crew to get back to work on the CBS soap.

#1 Bold and the Beautiful Needs Social Distance on Set – Wyatt Spencer Needs to Step Back

B&B fans want to see new episodes. While the classic episodes are a sweet reminder of days gone by, there were several plots on cliffhangers for viewers. First, Wyatt Spencer was walking in on Sally Spectra, dragging Flo Fulton’s (Katrina Bowden) unconscious body out of the room.

Surely, they filmed the rest of that scene at the time, but perhaps not the rest of the new Bold and the Beautiful episode to go with it. But, B&B writers need to redo storylines to give cast members room to stand apart from each other. Tricky camera work can help with that, though. So, Sally needs to give Wyatt some space.

#2 B&B Will Split Cast & Crew Into Segment – Sally Spectra With Flo Fulton & Doctor?

Recently, Liam Spencer actor Scott Clifton talked about when Bold and the Beautiful is coming back and talked about safety. He also listed some info he’s heard from producers. One is that they’ll divvy up filming and keep cast and the crew into separate stages with little contact. Sally would love Wyatt apart from Flo.

That’s the way Australian soap Neighbours resumed shooting. That way, if one of the Bold and the Beautiful crew and the cast gets sick, they can close down just that segment of shooting. So, that would leave Sally Spectra with Wyatt Spencer, Flo, and the doctor, no doubt.

#3 Writers Must Do Romance Outside of Arm’s Reach

There’s also this problem. Everyone wants to see new Bold and the Beautiful episodes. But how do you film a romantic soap if you can’t roll around in bed, kiss each other, or even hug? Well, that’s a good question. First, when B&B comes back, expect no love scenes. Sally Spectra wants back in Wyatt Spencer’s bed, but that’s not happening.

Then, expect to see a lot of characters talking across the room, desk, or sofa. Also, Bold and the Beautiful loves their flashbacks, so we’ll probably keep seeing romantic moments from back in the day. But, it’ll be strange to see new B&B episodes with little physical affection for a while.

#4 Ditch Extras on Bold and the Beautiful

Another requirement for getting B&B back filming is minimizing possible exposure. So, that means they’ll likely whittle down who shoots. In addition to segmenting cast into tight groups, they’ll look at rewriting any scenes that need background actors (like models, waiters, etc.).

That means Bold and the Beautiful probably won’t use their Il Giardino set for a while. And that means no fashion runways or model fittings. To get back to work, they’ll need to work with core characters and a more modest crew. So, that means Wyatt can stick with Sally around the house.

Bold and the Beautiful: Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) - Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer) - Katie Logan (Heather Tom)

#5 Safety First on B&B to Get Back to Filming New Episodes

Above all, it’ll be safety concerns up-front for Bold and the Beautiful to come back on the air with fresh episodes. So, there will, no doubt, be a medical person on staff, taking temperatures, and monitoring for any symptoms of COVID-19.

There are concerns at Bold and the Beautiful on both sides of the camera. It’s not just actors at risk, but also the crew. So, it’s likely that makeup routines will change. Actresses may get one coat of cosmetics then do their own touch-ups — and the same for hair.

Meanwhile, male actors might go with little to no makeup on Bold and the Beautiful. It’s going to require many changes to get the CBS sudser back to business. So, wait and see when we’ll see Wyatt Spencer back with Sally Spectra. Then, we’ll see if Wyatt finds out Sally’s faking her illness.

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