‘Welcome to Plathville’: Will There Be a Season 3?

Welcome to Plathville aired it’s season finale and fans of the popular reality show are dying to know if there will be a third season. After a dramatic finale, viewers said they need to know how things turned out for the Plaths.

Welcome to Plathville: Fans Want Season 3

Welcome to Plathville aired for two seasons on the TLC network. Viewers avidly followed the lives of Barry and Kim Plath and their family. And over the course of two seasons, they’d gotten to know each member. It gathered a huge following of people that fell in love with the Plaths. Kim and Barry Plath sheltered their children from the world and put a lot of restrictions on them. During the first season, issues started to arise. So, many watchers cheered as the older children left their childhood home and built their own lives during season two of the show.

Recently, the finale for the second season aired and left the Plaths’ followers with mixed feelings. So it came as no surprise that people started asking if there would be a Welcome to Plathville season three. After they invested so much time into the family, viewers wanted to know if they’d get to see more of them. And find out if the older children would be able to repair their relationship with their mom, Kim, and dad, Barry.

Welcome to Plathville: Plath Family

Conflict in the Plath Family

One of the biggest questions followers wanted answered was if Ethan and Olivia Plath ever make up with his Welcome to Plathville parents. They had a huge falling out in the first season of the show. Kim and Barry Plath felt that Olivia was a bad influence on all the younger kids. And didn’t want her around them without supervision. Olivia Plath couldn’t handle how the Plath’s treated her, so she and Ethan cut off all contact with the family.

Micah and Moriah Plath also rebelled against their parents. And the two Welcome to Plathville siblings moved out of the Plath house. They also confronted Barry and Kim about their restrictive upbringing, which helped to repair the rift. Both Moriah and Micah continued to try to fix the rift with their parents. They wanted to be able to visit their younger siblings. And they loved their parents, despite their differences of opinion.

Welcome to Plathville: Micah Plath - Marsha Doll

Welcome to Plathville: Micah Plath Drops Hints

Micah Plath was one of the most popular stars of Welcome to Plathville. Fans watched as he matured and took a stand against his mom and dad. Viewers said they felt thrilled when he moved out on his own. And took charge of his own future. Micah went to a modeling audition before he left home. After he left, he created a professional career out of it. He even signed with a big modeling agency, thanks to his huge social media following.

On the day of the finale, Micah posted a reminder to watch the end of Welcome to Plathville. And fans freaked out because they thought he meant the show got cancelled. Multiple people commented and asked him if there would be another season. Micah Plath revealed that he and and the other Plath members wanted to do another season. He said that it wasn’t off the table. But that it wasn’t definite at this point in time.

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