‘Welcome to Plathville’: What Religion Are the Plath Family?

Welcome to Plathville is about the Plath family, and they often talk about church the show. But fans have long wondered, what religion do the Plath’s actually follow?

Welcome to Plathville: The Plath Family’s Religious Beliefs

During season one of Welcome to Plathville, viewers followed the lives of the Plath clan. Kim and Barry Plath raised nine children in a very sheltered and restricted environment. It became obvious that the kids had no outside influences and didn’t often even leave the farm. But, the one place the children were allowed to go was to church. In fact, they formed a Southern Gospel band and performed there. They even traveled to other churches to sing and had their own website promoting their band.

The Plath’s also posted videos of their performances online. And, TLC likely found the Plath’s because of that and offered them the opportunity to do the reality show.  Although they did travel to different places, pictures show that they often attended Baptist churches. So, it is likely that the Welcome to Plathville crew considers themselves to be Baptists.

Baptists are a type of Christian Fundamentalists, who basically take the Bible and interpret it literally. And this religious background is likely the reason Barry Plath and his Welcome to Plathville wife raised their children in such a strict environment. The Plath’s wanted their offspring to hold their beliefs as well.

Welcome to Plathville: Plath Family

Lydia Plath: The Faithful Child

Lydia Plath seemed to be very involved and secure in her religion. She is often seen praying during Welcome to Plathville episodes. And it is obvious that she feels a close attachment to her religion. When the conflict between the older siblings and the Plath parents occurred, Lydia took a walk in the woods to pray for a resolution. And Lydia seemed to follow her parents strict rules without any issue.

When the second season of Welcome to Plathville returned, the Plath’s had moved to a new house. There, Lydia created a prayer closet. And she wrote them out and taped them all over the walls. She said that it made her feel better to see them posted. And that they all were about her family members. Lydia also talked to Kim Plath about going on a mission to Romania. And she said that she often volunteered to help those in need.

Welcome to Plathville: Lydia Plath

Welcome to Plathville: Do the Estranged Plath Kids Still Practice Religion?

At the beginning of the second season of the popular reality show, Ethan Plath and his Welcome to Plathville wife no longer had any contact with his parents. And Micah and Moriah Plath, the next two oldest kids, had moved out of the Plath household. All three wanted to experience new things and wanted to get away from the heavily restrictive lifestyle. But do they still follow any of their religious practices?

While it’s not obvious if Ethan, Olivia, or Micah Plath still consider themselves religious, all of them have definitely branched out. And made some decisions the Welcome to Plathville parents disapproved of. Ethan and wife Olivia recently got tattoos. And the couple drank alcohol in front of the younger siblings. Which is one of the many reasons for the conflict from the first season. Micah modeled in just underwear, which is something that Kim Plath expressly asked him not to do in one episode.

Moriah Plath struck out on her own. And has also made choices that the Welcome to Plathville matriarch didn’t like. Such as how she dressed and the makeup she wore. However, Moriah recently asked her boyfriend Max Kallschmidt to pray with her. And said that even though she doesn’t do it as often, she still believed that it could help. So, it seems that at least one of the independent Plath kids still, at least loosely, has religion.

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