‘Welcome to Plathville’: Moriah Plath Leaves Town with Max Kallschmidt

Welcome to Plathville star Moriah Plath recently left town with her boyfriend Max Kallschmidt. And the two spend the holidays in Florida together.

Welcome to Plathville: Moriah Plath & Max Kallschmidt Spend Christmas Together

Moriah Plath and her Welcome to Plathville boyfriend, Max Kallschmidt, left town for Christmas this year. And the two went to Florida and spent their time at the beach. Moriah Plath and Max Kallschmidt enjoyed the warmer weather with each other. And the pair posed for cute photos on the beach in swimsuits and Santa hats. And Max Kallschmidt posted the pictures. Then, he wished his followers a happy holiday. So fans inundated the post with comments on how happy they were for the couple.

It hadn’t always been sunshine and rainbows for the Welcome to Plathville duo. Fans commented on how devastated they were when Moriah Plath and boyfriend Max broke up for a short while last year. But, viewers said they were thrilled when Max Kallschmidt and Moriah patched things up on a recent episode of the show. Even though the show aired events from months ago, it looks like the happy pair is still together. And their relationship continued to grow into something more serious and solid.

Welcome to Plathville: Moriah Plath - Max Kallschmidt

The Couple’s Relationship Blossoms

The Welcome to Plathville couple went on a kayaking trip recently with Micah Plath and one of his friends. On the episode, viewers watched as the group spent some time swimming first. After that, they jumped off trees into the water. Next, Moriah Plath said she always wanted to go skydiving. And thought if she jumped off the highest tree, she’d get a small feeling for what it would be like. And the other boys were game to try too. Then Max Kallschmidt and Moriah hugged and kissed at the base of the tree while they watched Micah make his jump.

And viewers couldn’t get enough of the adorable couple. Then, Moriah Plath spent some time talking to Micah’s friend while the boys enjoyed the water. And Moriah said that she felt closer than ever to Max Kallschmidt. Then, the Welcome to Plathville group went kayaking. And Max and Moriah Plath joked and laughed the whole trip. Even when they spotted alligators in the water, the pair worked together to avoid them and enjoyed their trip. Viewers watched the adorable duo as they teased each other. And Moriah Plath said that their bond grew stronger every day because they didn’t take anything for granted anymore.

Welcome to Plathville: Moriah Plath - Max Kallschmidt

Welcome to Plathville: Moriah Plath Thanks Max Kallschmidt

Moriah Plath had commented on multiple episodes of Welcome to Plathville how thankful she was for Max Kallschmidt. Because she felt that he really was the best thing in her life. She even thanked God for bringing Max into her life. So, she felt it was about time that she thanked the man himself. In a heartfelt post, Moriah Plath spilled her feelings for him. And told Max that he, “made 2020 worth it!” And she told him that she loved him.

The Welcome to Plathville fan favorite, Moriah Plath, added a bunch of pictures of the pair to her post. And these pictures showed the progression of their relationship over the past several months. From one of their first dates to the end of 2020. It signified the growth the two had gone through in their relationship. Then she wished her followers a happy new year. And, Max Kallschmidt responded to her. He said that he loved her more. And how glad he was to have her in his life for the new year.

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