‘Welcome to Plathville’: Max Kallschmidt Reveals Season 3 Info & His Famous Friend

Welcome to Plathville star Max Kallschmidt revealed information on season 3 and talks about his friendship with a popular reality star that isn’t from the Plathville show.

Welcome to Plathville: Will There Be a Season 3?

Max Kallschmidt recently decided to do an impromptu Q&A session with his followers. And he said he’d answer any question they asked truthfully. Unsurprisingly, fans wanted to know details about Welcome to Plathville. The popular reality show aired just two seasons, but viewers very quickly fell in love with the cast. Although Max only took part in the second season, he easily became a fan favorite because of his relationship with Moriah Plath.

And there was one question on Max’s followers’ minds. Will there be another season of Welcome to Plathville? Max Kallschmidt said that they were working on it. And asked if everyone would like to see more of him in future episodes. Now, fans are speculating what he meant. One said that Max confirmed the third season was filming. But others said that, “working on it” only meant that he and Moriah Plath were working to convince the network to do it.

Welcome to Plathville: Max Kallschmidt

Max Kallschmidt’s Reality Show Pal

During the session, Max Kallschmidt also revealed that the Welcome to Plathville family members weren’t his only reality show friends. Last year Max posted a picture of himself with the younger brothers of Gus Smyrnios.  Gus Smyrnios starred in another popular reality show on MTV called Floribama Shore. And Max said that they all came from the same home town. And he eluded to the fact that he knew Gus as well.

So fans were curious how the Welcome to Plathville and Floribama Shore stars knew each other. Max Kallschmidt said that his older brother went to school with Gus. And that he was friends with Gus’ younger brothers. The two families grew up together in the same area and went to the same schools. Max implied that they all hung out together often growing up.

Welcome to Plathville: Max Kallschmidt - Moriah Plath

Welcome to Plathville: Max Reveals How He Met Moriah Plath

Another question that Max Kallschmidt answered was how he met the Welcome to Plathville beauty, Moriah Plath. He told his audience that he used to model. And that his modeling agent at the time made him go to a watch party after the first season of the show aired. Max said that he’d never seen the show and didn’t know any of the Plath family at the time.

But Moriah, Ethan, Olivia, and Micah Plath were all in attendance. So he met all four of the Welcome to Plathville siblings at that party. Max Kallschmidt didn’t say anything more on the topic, but the two obviously hit it off. And Max asked Moriah to go on her first date, which aired during the second season.

Fans also asked if he planned to propose to Moriah Plath anytime soon. Or if he had a timeline for that. Max said that, “you never know what the future holds,” but that he didn’t have a set plan.

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