‘Vanderpump Rules’: Jax Taylor’s Heartbreaking Letter To His Dad

Vanderpump Rules fans know that Jax Taylor‘s dad passed away last December. On the anniversary of the tragedy, Jax took to his Instagram and wrote a heartbreaking letter to him. Followers of the show know that PumpRules’ new season shows a more mature and healthy Jax. While broken by his dad’s death, Jax admits himself, that his passing helped him settle down and think seriously about his future.

Vanderpump Rules: The fans comfort Jax Taylor

After Jax Taylor posted up a photo of him as a little guy with his dad, Vanderpump Rules followers who read the letter reached out to comfort him. Many of them noted the changes in Jax over the past year. They suggested he focus on being the best man that he can be. Some of them empathized as they also lost parents. Other PumpRules followers said the letter to his dad moved them to tears. Actually, the letter came over as genuine, heartfelt, and yes – ultimately a tear-jerker.

Jax Taylor mentioned that the hard part is waiting for the text that never comes that might say, “hey bud, what’s going on?” Jax did put out how much he misses the conversations about the Detroit Red Wings Hockey Club.

Heartbreaking message from Jax Taylor reminds us all to treasure what we have

Still not believing the reality of his father’s passing sometimes, Jax Taylor tried to describe that loss to his fans. He wrote, “I still can’t believe you’re gone, sometimes I don’t think it’s real…” How many Vanderpump Rules followers relate to that? Well, many of them do. @Hunnylovebug replied, saying, “There’s not a day where I wish I could pick up the phone or go sit on the couch with him.”

In fact, apart from expressing his love and grief for his dad, Jax also shared some personal insights. Vanderpump Rules followers now know Jax Taylor goes to church every Wednesday. He still goes cruising with the boys but takes along his Dad’s ashes. Feel like a bit of a cry? Then read the snippets of the Bravo star’s letter below with a box of tissues nearby.

PumpRules star’s moving letter

Brace yourself, because if you lost a loved one you will know exactly what Jax is trying to say in his letter. If not, perhaps treasure those you love today. Call them, or send a text. Possibly, this is why Jax shared such personal feelings with Vanderpump Rules watchers. Here are some snippets of the moving letter that Jax Taylor wrote:

  • “I am getting married this year dad, I don’t know how I am gonna do it without you physically standing by me, and helping me with my tie like the old days at hockey tournaments, god I miss those days.”
  • “I still don’t understand how God could take the best man/person/husband/father/coach I know. After you passed I have to admit I wanted nothing to do with God, I was angry, sad, disgusted on how he could take such a beautiful man, but I remembered how much you loved him and how you always told me how important God was to you, so I started going back to church and believing again, I have to believe he has a plan, and that I will see you again one day.”
  • “I love you dad so much, I hope you are proud of me and all the changes I have made with myself. It wasn’t easy after you left us, but with the help of Jenny and Brittany, I have learned to deal with things in a more positive, healthy way.”

An outpouring of compassion for Jax Taylor

Jax Taylor ended his letter by writing about how much he loves his dad and that they will always be “best friends.” Compassionate Vanderpump Rules viewers reacted to him. @kfarris21summed it up, writing, “Crying reading your post. So sorry for your heartache. Your love for your Dad resonates from your words and I’m sure he is very proud of you. May you find strength in your faith and your walk with God. Never lose faith.”

What do you think of Jax Taylor’s heartbreaking letter to his dad? Did it make you a little bit teary and could you relate to him?

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