‘Vanderpump Rules’ Jax Taylor Lost For Words Over NBC Universal’s Big Boss

Vanderpump Rules fans know that Jax Taylor took the death of his dad really badly. After he passed away at the end of December last year, Jax shared his heartbreak on Twitter. He posted the sad news writing, “I lost my best friend and the best man I have ever met.” Jax took to his Instagram late Tuesday night (November 13) to express how he felt when his dad was mentioned to him by his NBC “Big Boss.”

‘PumpRules’ discussion at the E Awards Afterparty

In his post, Jax Taylor talked about how he got into a conversation with the “Big Boss” of NBC Universal. Well, it’s one thing to have the big boss pay any attention, but quite another to get dished a load of compliments. To take it a step further, Jax really felt that the conversation ended on a note that he would trade for any award in showbiz.

Jax Taylor mentioned that on Sunday he was “honored” to talk to her and he’d only met her a few times before that. The PumpRules star seemed thrilled to report that she had great things to say about him. Apparently, they chatted about the first “four episodes of this upcoming season.” Then she said, “Jax, this is the best I have seen you yet.” He added that she went on, saying she’d watched the “first few episodes and she was shocked.”

Jax Taylor shares what NBC Universal Big Boss said

We don’t know what shocked her but expect to find out when the Vanderpump Rules show returns. Jax Taylor mentioned that the boss was on the “edge of” her seat. If you’re hoping for more spoilers, that’s where the news about the next season ends. But it was what came after that moved Jax emotionally.

The party over, the conversion done, as Jax left, she “pulled” him aside quickly. She said, “Jax, your father would be proud of you!” He explains how that left him at a loss for words. The man some Vanderpump Rules fans love to hate described it as the best moment of the evening. “Just those 2.5 seconds was better than any award I could [have] received from anyone, for that matter.” He just wanted to share that precious moment with his followers.

‘Vanderpump Rules’ returns to Bravo December 3, 2018

Bravo announced the return of Vanderpump Rules and it premieres December 3, 2018. Season seven looks to bring action, drama, and stress. Touted as the craziest season yet, a great deal of it seems focussed on Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright’s engagement.

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