‘Vanderpump Rules’: Jax’s Family Curse & Pseudo Mom Lisa Vanderpump at Wedding

Vanderpump Rule‘s Jax Taylor revealed on the after-show that Lisa Vanderpump was his stand-in mother at his wedding to Brittany Cartwright. Jax also spilled that the women in his family have “a thing” about not talking to one another.

Then, Jax got emotional talking about his mom. Viewers saw their rocky relationship on the show. But as Lisa and Jax chatted, he revealed he and his mother were once very close. That’s one of the reasons he was so hurt when she didn’t reach out before his big day.

Vanderpump Rules: Revealed – Lisa Vanderpump Volunteers as Stand-In Mom

Following the big wedding episode, Jax Taylor talks about how lost he felt not having his parents at his wedding. It’s no secret he and his mother were on the outs. As a parent herself, Lisa Vanderpump felt bad for both of them.

On the after show for Vanderpump Rules, Lisa said she thought about reaching out to Jax’s mother, Marie Cauchi. She wanted to see if she could smooth over the rift between her and son in time for the wedding. Lisa Vanderpump said she worried Marie would regret it in the long run.

However, Lisa decided against it after speaking to Brittany, who advised it was a very bad idea. Instead, Lisa made the decision to fill in as mom-for-a-day for her Vanderpump Rules bartender at his nuptials. Then, Jax Taylor said how much he needed Lisa there and was happy she stepped in as pseudo-mom.

Jax Taylor Explains Last Straw With His Mom

Vanderpump Rules had Lisa Vanderpump asking Jax about the relationship with his mom on the after-show. And Jax Taylor said it was once good, and his mom was one of his closest friends. Then, Jax and his sister moved out, and his parent’s marriage crumbled. That’s when the problems started.

Jax said the breaking point came when his mom confronted Brittany at his sister’s wedding. Then, Marie took Brittany aside and told her to “get out” while she could. Also, she implied Brittany could do better than her son. Once the Vanderpump Rules star heard what his mom said, he was devastated.

Recently, Jax Taylor said his mom said some things “you just can’t come back from”. However, he said his father would want him to reconcile with his mom. The Vanderpump Rules cast member said that even as his parents were splitting, his dad wanted him to respect Marie. Now, his father’s words still weigh on Jax Taylor.

Pump Rules: Lisa Vanderpump - Jax Taylor

Vanderpump Rules – Family Curse – Will Jax Taylor Pass It Along?

In a surprising reveal, Jax Taylor also said his family’s females have a track record of arguments and poor communication. He said his mother refused to speak to her own mother for over 30 years. It doesn’t stop there.

Jax said on the Vanderpump Rules post-show that his grandmother didn’t speak to her mom for almost 20 years. Jax Taylor seems resigned to this being part of his family legacy. He said, “This is like, a thing”. Now, his marriage is still in its newlywed phase. So, no curse there.

In fact, he and Brittany are riding out the coronavirus scare in style with their castmate Kristen Doute. Hopefully, Jax Taylor breaks the cycle of his family’s rocky history. And, maybe he’ll patch things up with his own mom before 30 years passes. In the meantime, he’s got faux mom Lisa Vanderpump.

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