‘Unexpected’: Rilah Ferrer Shows off Picky Side

Unexpected star Rilah Ferrer recently showed off her picky side. When choosing a picture of herself to share with fans, she seems to want to make sure it doesn’t have any flaws. But, when it comes to photos of her daughter, Rilah has no problem picking which one to share since her daughter looks adorable in every picture.

TLC’s Unexpected: Rilah Ferrer and Anthony Vanelli Split up

Earlier this summer, Rilah Ferrer confirmed that she and the father of her daughter, Anthony Vanelli called it quits. The Unexpected castmate thought viewers should get an update from her and not from any other source. At the time, Rilah said that she and Anthony were working on being co-parents and have shared custody of their little girl, Malayah. However, Rilah hasn’t given an update on her relationship with Anthony since then.

But, the Unexpected reality star did celebrate a significant milestone with Anthony Vanelli. Back in June, Anthony and Rilah Ferrer threw their daughter a big first birthday bash. They were able to put aside their differences to celebrate their little girl’s special day. The young parents haven’t always been on good terms, but fans were glad to see them come together for their daughter.

Unexpected: Rilah Ferrer - Malayah Vanelli

Rilah Struggles with Picking Perfect Picture

Rilah Ferrer has been sharing snapshots of her daughter with her followers. The Unexpected cast member shows off her daughter like a proud mother. Malayah is growing bigger every day and starting to show her personality. Fans have also been pointing out that she is beginning to look more like Anthony Vanelli. Despite how Rilah feels about Anthony, she does thank him for her daughter’s curly hair.

But, it isn’t always an easy decision for Unexpected’s Rilah Ferrer when it comes to posting pictures of herself. She may be a little picky picking the perfect selfie to share. Rilah seemed to have found a flaw in one of her pictures that she wasn’t happy with. But, she was able to find one she liked better. So, she quickly shared two new photos. Rilah said, “let’s try this again,” after sharing the pictures with fans.  She also said that the reason for the new images was since she “literally hated every other pic” of herself.

Unexpected: Rilah Ferrer

Fans React to Unexpected TLC Celeb’s Post

Fans were quick to notice that she had shared new pictures. And, they felt like Rilah Ferrer looked beautiful in them. Most fans even believe that she looks stunning in every picture she posts. One fan said, “you’re so pretty, girl, you couldn’t have a bad picture even if you tried.” Another fan said that Rilah is “still as gorgeous the second time.”

The Unexpected TV star shared her pregnancy journey with viewers on season three of TLC’s popular show. However, Rilah Ferrer previously said that she wouldn’t continue to share her story. She wasn’t happy with the production of the show. Rilah said that many of her scenes didn’t air and that she regrets being on the reality show.

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