‘Unexpected’: Rilah Ferrer and Anthony Vanelli Confirm Split – Focusing on Co-Parenting Daughter

Unexpected stars Rilah Ferrer and Anthony Vanelli are no longer together. The two split up earlier this year, but fans thought they were a couple again after they celebrated their daughter’s first birthday together. However, Rilah recently said that she and Anthony are not a couple anymore.

TLC Unexpected: Rilah Ferrer Confirms Split from Anthony Vanelli

Last month, Rilah Ferrer and the father of her Unexpected child Anthony Vanelli celebrated a major milestone. Their daughter Malayah recently turned one year old. The two threw a party for their little one together. Rilah was thankful for everyone who came out to celebrate her daughter’s big day. She even shared pictures from the special event online.

The TLC Unexpected mother and Anthony looked happy posing together as a family of three. So, viewers thought that Rilah and Anthony were back together. But, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The Unexpected young mom put out a statement online confirming that she and Anthony Vanelli have split. Rilah Ferrer said that she wanted to “update everyone” even though she doesn’t post much about their relationship online. She would also rather fans hear the truth from her rather than “some drama-filled tv show.” Rilah said that she co-parents with Anthony. She also said that they have split custody of Malayah.

Unexpected: Rilah Ferrer

Anthony Attacks Rilah Online?

Anthony Vanelli hasn’t always been on good terms with the mother of his child. When the Unexpected couple broke up, Anthony threatened to take legal action against Rilah Ferrer. He supposedly felt like Rilah was being unfair when it came to him seeing his daughter. So, he said that he would be taking her to court for visitation rights. But, now it seems like the two have been able to come to an agreement. Since they have shared custody. However, Anthony still seems to have some anger towards his baby mama.

The Unexpected cast member shared a picture of himself sticking up his middle finger. It is not clear who Anthony Vanelli is aiming this gesture towards. But, he said, “I take care of mine” on the image. There is a good chance that he was trying to get a message across to Rilah Ferrer or online haters. Saying that he does help take care of Malayah. Whatever the case may be, Rilah said that “apologies were made in private.” And it seems like the two have been able to move forward.

Unexpected: Anthony Vanelli

Unexpected Parents Keep Relationship Drama Free

Anthony Vanelli and Rilah Ferrer seem to be able to put everything in the past for the sake of their daughter. Rilah said that Malayah is “getting older and she’s going to understand stuff.” She knows that  “toddlers soak up everything” So, she doesn’t “want to show her negativity and drama.” And Anthony seems to feel the same. According to Rilah, everyone is “happy” and they “all get to enjoy Malayah.”

Although, some Unexpected fans still hold hope for the two giving their relationship are shot. But, it seems like Rilah Ferrer’s relationship with Anthony Vanelli might be over for good. One fan said, “any chance of you two getting back together?” She said back “not at all.” At least the two are able to come together for their daughter.

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