‘Unexpected’: Anthony Vanelli Arrested – Felony Domestic Violence Charge

Unexpected daddy Anthony Vanelli has been arrested on felony domestic violence charges. Anthony was the boyfriend of Rilah Ferrer in season 3 of the TLC show. It seems like he’s got into some trouble since being on television, and fans hope he steps up for his daughter, Malayah Vanelli.

Unexpected: Anthony Vanelli Arrested and in Trouble with the Law

Anthony Vanelli of Unexpected got into big trouble on January 15th, 2021. One day before his 20th birthday, Orlando PD arrested Anthony for a criminal felony. His charge was throwing/shooting into an occupied structure.

He also has a charge for aggravated assault with firearm domestic violence. And this isn’t the first time Unexpected dad of Anthony Vanelli has had a run-in with the law. He had multiple traffic violations and a misdemeanor charge as well.

It looks like the law was after Anthony for skipping out on child support as well. Viewers said they feel bad for Malayah that her father could be involved in illegal activities. So far, the Unexpected father is still in jail.

Unexpected: Rilah Ferrer - Anthony Vanelli

Rilah Ferrer & Anthony Vanelli Split

During Unexpected many fans weren’t sure what Rilah Ferrer saw in Anthony Vanelli. The couple had some problems during the show, but it was really after the show when the true trouble started. They had a rough breakup because of alleged domestic abuse.

Rilah said that Anthony of Unexpected left bruises on her and even had photos of bruises on her body. He was put in handcuffs over the matter, and the two aren’t doing well parenting their daughter together. In fact, some fans think Malayah is better off without having him in her life full-time.

Unexpected celebrity Rilah Ferrer said even though Anthony talks about her, it doesn’t bother her. And she is trying to rise above the situation. Fans hope that Rilah is able to shield her daughter from her father’s antics, but it looks like he could be creating a pattern.

Unexpected: Anthony Vanelli

Unexpected: Threatening Court Action

Anthony Vanelli of Unexpected threatened that he would take Rilah to court if she wasn’t fair about his visitation with his child. But it seems like he’s the only one that is going in front of a judge right now with his recent arrest.

Unexpected dad Anthony and Rilah can’t seem to get it together. As a matter of fact, Rilah Ferrer said that Anthony Vanelli is “crazy” and that he threatens her every time he comes to see their daughter.

Anthony may not get out of jail anytime soon, depending on whether he’ll get out on bail or not. Fans hope that he will get his life together for his child’s sake.

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